Chasing an E-stim Hands-Free Orgasm
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Chasing an E-stim Hands-Free Orgasm

If the thought of enjoying a hands-free orgasm piques your interest, then read on

Since being introduced to Electrosex or E-stim by Mick from E-Stim Systems four years ago, I have relished the hands-free orgasms that it can deliver.

I started off using the humble Series 1 control box from E-stim Systems, and while it is no longer in production, I still use it occasionally for its raw power and simple controls.

Over the years, I have reviewed and also enjoyed so many e-stim control boxes. I have two favourites though, the 2B Control Box from E-Stim Systems is by far my favourite control box, but the Series 1 Remote comes in a close second. The Remote gives you so many different play styles, and it is fun to be able to have someone else control things from afar. It lends itself to BDSM play well but don't let that put you off, it is a TV star in its own right and can also deliver enormous pleasure as well as painful zaps when required.

I also enjoy playing with the Axis Control Box from Electrastim; it has some fun little features such as a proximity sensor and a very sensitive movement sensor. I tend to use it for predicament bondage play, and the handy travel case makes it an ideal travel companion.

Why do e-stim?

One of the things I love about e-stim is that it is totally gender and disability neutral activity. Anyone can do it, with just a few exceptions. Anyone with a heart complaint, a pacemaker, and anyone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant shouldn't try it.

For the rest of us, it is capable of delivering some exquisite sensations that can lead to actual hands-free orgasms.

So, who wouldn't want to try this activity out if it means they can sit back relax and get off?

Why isn't it more widespread?

One of the reasons, in my opinion that it isn't a more wide stream sexual activity is our fear of electricity. We are all taught at a very early age that electricity is dangerous, and that is true.

But, using the right equipment that delivers electricity in a controlled and specific manner, it can be safe and also extremely enjoyable.

Another barrier to people getting into the activity is that online porn showing e-stim activities is often in a BDSM setting where it is used to deliver pain and not pleasure.


Yes, it can be used for pain play, and it is very effective in this role, but just like a paddle or flogger, it can also deliver gentle sensual and pleasurable sensations.

What does it feel like?

On high settings, it feels like a shock, or cramp as your muscles contract because of the electrical current flowing through you.

But, on low settings, it can feel like fingernails gently running over your skin. Or, like butterfly wings flapping against your skin. As the power goes up, these sensations turn to tingling or pulsing in your skin. COntinuing to turn up the power causes gentle muscle movements and more tingling sensations. It is this power level I enjoy.

Having the current coursing through my pussy and directly through my clitoris feels incredible, and it soon has me clawing at the sheets as I feel an orgasm building. Then I cum hard and can carry on to a second or third orgasm. All while leaving my hands free for nipple play, to use a dildo or to pleasure my partner.

This is where e-stim becomes so much fun. You can use it on its own or to complement other activities.


There are so many electrodes to choose from, and each delivers unique sensations in different ways. I love the simple self-adhesive monopole pad style electrodes as they are so versatile.

Insertable bipolar electrodes are also fantastic, and a woman can use them in two holes, while penis owners can enjoy them anally.

Chasing the hands-free orgasm

Generally, vagina owners find it much easier to find the perfect set-up to achieve a hands-free orgasm, but it still requires a bit of experimentation and tweaking.

Penis owners also have to do a little trial and error when first starting out with e-stim. Once you find the settings that work for you, then it is easy to set everything up, then you can switch on the control box, before relaxing as it takes you to orgasm.

I always recommend keeping an e-stim diary to record your settings and electrode positions. This is incredibly useful, especially in the early days of your stimming activities as it helps you to zone in on what works best. It also stops you from repeating mistakes. Here is a link to the one I designed and used - E-Stim Session Diary.

Now, when chasing the hands-free orgasm, here are a few top tips:

  • Stay hydrated; it is essential to be well hydrated when stimming.
  • Remove distractions, turn off the tv, close the curtains and try to relax.
  • Don't chase the orgasm; just relax and enjoy the sensations that your e-stim equipment can deliver.
  • Start slowly; don't be tempted to keep cranking up the power. Gradually increase the power over time as you feel you need more.
  • Remember, orgasms come from your mind and not from your genitals. It is essential not to try driving yourself to an orgasm, enjoy the journey while relaxing, and they will come.
  • If you don't orgasm, then it isn't a problem; you will have learned lots and hopefully enjoyed the session. Make notes in a stimming diary and tweak something for your next session.
  • Bigger isn't necessarily better. A larger electrode won't bring you off any quicker (apart from the delightful feeling of being fuller if it is insertable). Bigger electrodes need stronger control boxes to drive them as they have more surface area. So if you need more power, use a smaller electrode.

I have been stimming for over four years now, and the experience I have gained through practice means I can wire up and generally orgasm in around ten to twenty minutes of just using e-stim. My favourite set-up is an insertable bipolar electrode in my vagina and a pair of pad electrodes, either side of my clitoris. This feels very intense and gets me off every time.


Go for it

If you have never tried e-stim or electrosex then give it a go, you don't know what you are missing.

If you enjoy it, then let me know in the comments form below what electrode configurations work for you and what kit you use. This can help others travelling in your footsteps.

E-stim can be a very confusing activity for someone who has never tried it before. I have written a Basic Guide To E-stim that you might find useful if you are new to e-stim. You can read or download it here - Basic Guide To E-stim.

Penis owners can also benefit from checking out my Guide To Hands Free Orgasms For Penis Owners.

Above all, have fun and happy stimming.

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