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Written by  Aug 03, 2020

Show your true colours with these funky face masks

This is not my usual subject material for reviews, but I love these masks so much I had to do a review of them to help raise awareness of them. In this day and age, it pays to take your safety and that of others into your own hands.

As everyone will be well aware, 2020 has been a real "shit-show" so far, with the Coronavirus pandemic running free reign around the globe, we are all living in very worrying times.

"I think that I made a "Squeeeee" sound when I opened up the package and looked at each mask in turn. I cannot stress how happy I am with them, they not only look great, but they are very comfortable to wear too."


One thing can be counted on though and that is the ineptitude of governments, coupled with the indignant and often herd mentality of some people. No doubt you can all remember the great loo roll shortage of 2020 with the stampedes to the toilet roll aisle in supermarkets. What was everyone thinking?

But I digress, we should all be taking precautions to keep ourselves and others safer in these worrying times. By simple measures like washing our hands more often, cleaning down surfaces and not touching our faces.

That last point brings me on to the subject of face masks. While some people argue about their effectiveness; you can't argue that they don't help to prevent you from touching around your mouth and nose inadvertently.

Safety first

Face masks also help prevent you from spreading the virus if you are asymptomatic as well as providing limited protection to you when out and about. I can't see any reason not to wear one, to be honest. That is why I have been wearing them when out and about since the lockdown started to be eased.

Yes, wearing masks can be considered trampling on your freedoms. But not doing so could be regarded as selfish as you may be hurting other people in a time when we should be all working together to beat Covid. It seems that lots of people care just about themselves, and that saddens me.

Stand out from the crowd and look after the environment

Anyway, masks don't need to be boring. While you could buy packs of plain disposable masks, why not get yourself something better for the environment? Get yourself a mask that is washable and reusable as well as showing off some of your personality and style.

Six absolutely stunning face masks
Six absolutely stunning face masks

To coin an ice-cream analogy, why settle for plain old vanilla when you can opt for sprinkles and sauce too.

Masks needn't be plain; we don't need to all look the same in them. I prefer to be different (lord knows I am different LOL). That is why I adore the masks being made by Caz & Jenny, I bought six of them, and they are so good.

Not only are they reusable, just wash them in the washing machine and dry before using them over and over again, they look fabulous too.

Image showing the back of one of the masksCaz & Jenny use bright and colourful materials in their mask designs, and these are often Disney or cartoon themed along with some more subtle designs. While ideal for anyone with children, of course, they are also ideal for anyone who wants to put a smile on other people's faces too.

They are all hand made, and the finish on them is excellent. I have absolutely no complaints about them at all, and the designs are just so much fun.

About the design

Now for some details on the masks themselves, each is double layered to provide more protection. They are available in three sizes Child (small), Standard (medium), and Large. From placing your order, they are usually dispatched in 2-3 days, and the best bit is that they only cost £5 + P&P.

I asked for some Disney themed masks, and I was delighted when the package arrived in the post in very short order. The speed of delivery was brilliant. Remember that these are bespoke masks, so considering that they are made to order, I was blown away by how quickly Caz & Jenny made them and got them to me.

I think that I made a "Squeeeee" sound when I opened up the package and looked at each mask in turn. I cannot stress how happy I am with them, they not only look great, but they are very comfortable to wear too. I have kept two for myself and given two to sub'r' and two to Stunt Cock who loves wearing his Mandalorian and Aladin ones when out and about.

Image showing the bright colours and designs of these masks
I love the designs used on these masks, they look incredible

If you are looking to get yourself some masks, or maybe get some as a present for friends and family, then I can highly recommend the ones from Caz & Jenny. I know that their masks are becoming more and more popular as more people see just how good they are.

So, if you want to ditch the boring old plain face masks and you want to show some style, or maybe you want to stand out in a crowd then definitely consider getting one, two or more from Caz & Jenny. I know that you won't be disappointed. I'm very tempted to get some more to go with these ones.

If bright and colourful masks are not your thing, you can always opt for plain black ones which they also make. So they have pretty much everyone covered with their mask-making service.

If you want to get your hands on some bespoke reusable face masks, then get in touch with Caz & Jenny through their Facebook profile.

Just send them a message or post a comment on any of the designs that you like and they will get back in touch with you straight away. Of course, don't forget to tell them that Joanne sent you.

The lovely sub'r wearing her unicorn mask
You can't see her smile but you know it is there, sub'r' loves her unicorn facemask

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Key Features

Key features:

  • Fantastic designs available
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Washable and reusable
  • Double layered
  • Bespoke facemasks

I would recommend it to:

  • Anyone wanting to cover their mouth and nose in style
  • Anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd
  • Anyone who enjoys not conforming to the norm
  • Anyone who wants to support a small family run business

I wouldn't recommend it to:

  • Grumpy folk who don't think they should wear a mask to look after themselves and others

Image showing two masks being modelled by myself and Stunt Cock
Can you tell how excited Stunt Cock was? Come to think of it I think he may have been sticking his tongue out at me

Final Thoughts

I love the designs made by Caz and Jenny, and as a small family run business I will do everyting in my power to support them. They have a fantastic product and they really do provide the osrt of personal service you don't get when dealing with big companies. They are lovely and their masks are fab.

The ones I have from them are treasured now and they are the ones I wear regularly when out and about. They do turn heads and it is nice to be able to tell people where to get some when they ask me where I get them from.

Thank you Caz and Jenny for obviously taking the time to ensure that my masks are perfect. They are not expecting this review so I hope that it shows them how much I like the masks.

I bought these masks from Caz and Jenny and I would like to thank them for dong such a good job when making them for me. I love the designs and so do both sub'r and Stunt Cock.

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Caz And Jennys Face Masks

Grab some of these fantastic face masks for only £5 + P&P from Caz and Jenny.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


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