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These reviews are of products that don't readily fit into any of my other categories. If it's weird or unusual then it's probably in here but don't let that put you off there are some great pieces of kit reviewed here.

Finally - The perfect solution for playing with large dildos

I always get excited when John Thomas Toys sends me new products to evaluate and review, and this was no exception. Except that this time, it wasn't a box of enormous silicone delights that they sent.

I was genuinely delighted to have received their latest product aimed at people who enjoy their range of larger-than-life insertables. The floor stand is a heavyweight solution to one of the biggest problems with larger toys.

"I can see the floor stand being extremely popular with anyone involved in photoshoots or live video performances, and it makes using even the largest of dildos manageable. This leaves you free to concentrate on your performance and enjoyment."


I was suitably impressed with it, and it's about time something like this hit the market.

But before I go into what it is and how it works well, let me tell you how one arrives if you order one.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

It's never a grind using the Grind Ring

While attending the #BBB earlier in 2022, I watched Adam from Godemiche talk about the new Grind Ring and how fun it can be.

So you can imagine my excitement when they asked me if I would be interested in reviewing this novel and fun creation. Of course, I jumped at the chance, as you can imagine.

"I am now also a member of the "I've humped the sofa arm" club, and it was so much fun finding other ways to enjoy it."


I was really looking forward to playing with this new product. I was invited to choose the textures that tickled my fancy (no pun intended), which was a hard decision with many interesting ones.

I did not have to wait long for their box of goodies to arrive. I nearly snatched it from the postie on delivery in my excitement, naughty Joanne.

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  • Overall Rating 9.4

Three fantastic BDSM themed erotic fiction books from KinkyWriter

I was approached by Kinkywriter.com to see if I would like to review a few books. I certainly was not going to turn down an offer to read some kinky stories, so of course, I said yes, please.

I have decided to do a single review for all three books, so scroll down to find the book you are interested in if not all three.

The Books Are:

  • A Collection of FemDom Perspectives
  • Her New Cuckold
  • Kim's Kinky Adventures

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

A very comfortable and efficient menstrual cup set

Hi sub'r' here, with a review of the Jimmy Jane Intimate Care Menstrual Cups, so be warned I'm going to be talking about periods, menstruation and other good stuff like that. So if you are squeamish, this review may not be for you.

When visiting Erofame in Germany last year I was delighted when Jimmy Jane asked me if I would like to review one of their menstrual products - these cups.

"I love the fact that I can go swimming with my cup in place and don't have to rush out to change it like you do when you are wearing tampons."


Of course, I jumped at the chance; after all, it's an excellent opportunity for my vagina to save the world by minimising waste.

Having used them for several months now I am happy to give you all my opinion on them, so read on if you want to find out if they could be for you.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

Who would have thought that bathing in Jelly could be so much fun

If you are like me, you will enjoy your time soaking in the bath. Lounging in a tub full of hot water feels so relaxing, and it usually ends up with me getting horny and enjoying some wet and wild "me time" while enjoying a good soak.

I was therefore delighted when Bath Jelly got in touch asking me if I fancied trying their Bath Jelly. It is a product that you add to a bath full of hot water, and it turns to very slippery jelly before your eyes.

"This is the sort of product that is ideal if you plan on having some fun with a partner in the bath as pouring it and rubbing it into each others body would be so erotic."


It differs from other products that turn bathwater into lube, and while those are fun, I thought jelly might be even more fun, so I hastily agreed.

But, I forgot that my submissive, the lovely sub'r' has a very playful streak, and she wanted to use it, so I let her. So let us tell you what we thought of this slippery product.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

Kegel balls can be a lot of fun, using them can have great benefits to your sex life

Who would turn down the opportunity to improve their sexual performance and tackle some lady issues often present in later life?

I know I love a challenge, especially when it involves playing with insertables, of course. So, I was delighted when So Divine got in touch asking if I would like to review their new Kegl Ball Training Set.

"As they are 100% waterproof, you can even do your exercises while using the bath or shower. I enjoy using them in the bath clenching and squeezing them. This always gets me very horny, and it is nice to finish a training session with a hard orgasm — much more fun than going to the gym LOL."


They have a set of three kegel balls, each differing in weight and size, and I know how much fun this type of training can be having reviewed others in the past.

I didn't have to wait long for them to arrive. Once they did, it was time for a vaginal workout with "Eye of the tiger" playing in the background.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

Get your baps out while covering your modesty up

Ann Summers sent me a set of nipple covers, or as they are often referred to, nipple pasties. As the name suggests, they are covers for your nipples to preserve some decency if you are shall we say getting your baps out.

Don't get me started on the whole argument about how men's nipples are free to be displayed whereas female nipples carry a taboo - Grrrrr.

"They are very comfortable to wear, the glue holds them in place nicely, and they give a huge confidence boost if you are getting your boobs out."


This product allows you to cover your nipples should you choose to do so. They are often used in burlesque shows or as a kinky item of clothing for bedroom use.

As I have never worn nipple covers before, I was keen to see just how good the glue used is as obviously that is just about the only thing that can go wrong. So what do I think of the Ann Summers Nipple Covers? Read on to find out.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

A stunning short dress that oozes sex appeal

It's always nice to be able to review some kinky fetish clothing, and we don't do enough of it in my opinion. So, it was a delight when Honour.co.uk got in touch asking if we would review their PVC Discipline Dress for them.

PVC clothing just looks so sexy, with its figure-hugging nature and shiny looks. So, of course, we jumped at the chance to review this lovely piece of club wear.

"After one lovely paddling and caning session sub'r' commented on how nice the fabric felt on her red bum cheeks as she walked around the club afterwards. The inner cloth material rubbing against her flesh felt delightful."


This is a stunning dress that positively oozes sexuality. It's also the perfect dress for anyone whether they be Dominant or submissive.

So let me tell you how much we enjoyed reviewing this dress and why sub'r' likes it so much.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0

These massage candles deliver delightful scents and are great for intimate massages

One of the brightest stands visited during the Joannes Reviews expedition to Erofame in Germany last year was the Shunga Stand.

It blew my stunt cock and sub'r' away with its vibrant colours and the general excitement around the stand.

"The oil spreads out well, and it warms the skin as you do so. As you spread it out, it releases more of the intimate fragrance into the air."


Shungas range of products is enormous, I had no idea just how many products they produce, and my team came away with some goodies to review.

This review is going to concentrate on two massage candles.

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  • Overall Rating 9.2

This is one sexy little basque that sub'r' loves

Last December my Stunt Cock took our lovely submissive sub'r' to visit one of our all-time favourite shops, Latex, Leather & Lace for a birthday treat.

He treated her to this lovely looking basque that they had just got in stock and sub'r' fell in love with it immediately.

"The stitching and level of finish are excellent. Just turning it inside out and looking at one of the seams confirms that the manufacturer Nylon Dreams really know what they are doing."


Hand made in the UK is something that you don't often hear any more but that is what this line of lingerie is and it scream quality, its stunning design just looks so sexy.

So, let me tell you about the Black Floral Lace Metal Boned 6 Strap Suspender Basque from Latex, Leather & Lace.

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  • Overall Rating 9.0