Black Floral Lace Metal Boned 6 Strap Suspender Basque Review
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Black Floral Lace Metal Boned 6 Strap Suspender Basque Review

This is one sexy little basque that sub'r' loves

Last December my Stunt Cock took our lovely submissive sub'r' to visit one of our all-time favourite shops, Latex, Leather & Lace for a birthday treat.

He treated her to this lovely looking basque that they had just got in stock and sub'r' fell in love with it immediately.

"The stitching and level of finish are excellent. Just turning it inside out and looking at one of the seams confirms that the manufacturer Nylon Dreams really know what they are doing."


Hand made in the UK is something that you don't often hear any more but that is what this line of lingerie is and it scream quality, its stunning design just looks so sexy.

So, let me tell you about the Black Floral Lace Metal Boned 6 Strap Suspender Basque from Latex, Leather & Lace.

If you are ever in the area, then I recommend a visit to the Latex, Leather & Lace walk-in boutique in Barwell Leicestershire. There you will find a fantastic array of body safe sex toys, shoes, boots and of course sexy outfits as well as a warm welcome.

Materials and design

This basque just looks stunning, it features beautifully detailed four-way stretch nylon/lycra panelling finished with intricate and beautiful floral lace.

Image showing the black basque on my manequin
This basque looks stunning, I just love the patterned lace trim

Just running your fingers across the lacy material feels fantastic. The design on the lace looks fantastic, and it is very tactile, the pictures here don't do it justice at all.

A matching brief is also available separately, but we opted not to get one as sub'r' never wears panties, naughty girl.

This basques material is just so stretchy, in conjunction with the three rows of hook and eye fasteners, it makes it very comfortable to wear. Clinging tightly to your figure yet stretching as you move unhindered.

Image showing the three rows of eyes used for fastening this basque up
This basque has three rows of eyes for the hooks to attach to giving you lots of options when fastening it

This basque is available in sizes 32B to 40DD, and if Latex, Leather & Lace don't have the size you want in stock, they can get it incredibly quickly. Their supply chain is second to none.

The stitching and level of finish are excellent. Just turning it inside out and looking at one of the seams confirms that the manufacturer Nylon Dreams really know what they are doing. It's nice to find a piece of lingerie that looks like it has been designed with longevity in mind.

This is our first piece of lingerie from Nylon Dreams, and I am impressed with their quality control. I just can't find a thread out of place and the term Best of British springs to mind.

Image showing the hooks used to close this basque
This basque is beautifully stitched together and the hooks are very good quality

It is nice to see Latex, Leather & Lace pushing a UK designer and manufacturer to the fore. With so many pieces of lingerie produced in huge Chinese factories on the market at the moment, it is refreshing to see a UK company producing products with this sort of quality.

It has underwired cups and fine metal boning, and this gives it a very nice fit. The adjustable shoulder straps are removable so that if your chosen outfit requires it, you can go out with bare shoulders.

The padded cups are comfortable and carry the floral lace design. They produce a very nice cleavage and sub'r' delighted in looking at hers in the mirror while wearing it and I must say she looks fantastic in it.

Image showing the cut of this stunning basque
This basque just looks fantastic and it is so comfortable to wear

Without a doubt, one of my favourite features on it are the two sets of three suspender straps. I love having three straps (or more) each side as they just hold stocking up much more efficiently. In my opinion, they also look so much more sexy than standard twin suspenders.

The suspender straps are 3/4"/19mm wide, and each features strong metal clips that are probably the first suspender clips I have ever been happy with. They grip stocking exceedingly well and are so easy to fit and remove. Finally a set of suspenders that aren't continually popping off your stocking tops.

Image showing the rear of this stunning basque
This basque just looks fantastic from any angle

Comfort and fit

As she has owned this basque for about three months now, she has worn it on many occasions both under clothing and also as an outfit in clubs.

One thing I love about it is just how comfortable she looks in it. The way that it exposes and enhances her cleavage is fantastic, and it doesn't restrict her movement in any way.

Image showing sub'r' wearing this basque, no knickers of course
This basque looks great on sub'r' and it looks like she forgot her panties again

She has enjoyed being restrained in it, she has been flogged in it, and everything that we have thrown at it hasn't affected it in any way at all. It still looks as good as new, and the design and patterns on it look amazing.

When sub'r' wears it she feels so sexy, and I must admit she looks very hot wearing it, especially when strutting her stuff in fetish clubs with stockings and no panties.

So what does sub'r think of her basque:

Image showing sub'r' in her basque at a clubI just love this basque, when I first laid my eyes on it at Latex, Leather & Lace, it almost took my breath away as it is just so beautiful.

When I put it on it makes me feel so sexy. Usually, I am very self-aware of my curves, but when wearing this, I want people to look at me. I relish their eyes on my body and the way it gives me a fantastic cleavage is a bonus.

I often wear it in clubs to please both myself and my Master. I love the confidence that it gives me and the attention I get when wearing it is a massive turn on and confidence boost for me.

It is my favourite basque, and I wear it often, it is an excellent excuse to wear stockings which is something I love doing. The suspender straps on it are fantastic, they are easy to attach to a stocking, and they never come undone inadvertently.

Well, @LatexLeather have done it again with another fantastic product. This Black Basque from Nylon Dreams is stunning. Click to Tweet

Key Features

Key features:

  • Stretchy Lycra Panelling finished with Luxury Lace
  • Adjustable, Removable Shoulder Straps
  • 3 Sets of Rear Hook & Eye Fasteners
  • 6 x 19mm Wide Suspender Straps with Metal Clips
  • Proudly Made in the U.K.

Final Thoughts

This vintage styled basque from Nylon Dreams is fantastic, not only is it comfortable to wear but it looks so sexy too. The super stretchy material makes is easy to fit and it clings to your curves nicely.

The removeable shoulder straps give you flexibility but the best feature by far are the suspenders. They are fabulous and a pet peeve of mine is suspenders coming undone, this is the first set I have seen that are so easy to use and so effective.

I love the other designs from Nylon Dreams available over at Latex, Leather & Lace. It's a brand to watch as their products are just soooo good.

If you are looking for a comfortable and sexy basque then definitely give this one some serious consideration.

I bought this basque for sub'r' and we have enjoyed reviewing it for Latex, Leather & Lace.

Joanne's rating

9Overall9Design8Features9Functionality10Ease of use9Price

Where Can I Get One From?

Latex Leather and Lace

Grab one of these stunning basques from Latex, Letaher & Lace for just £46.99, you can order one online or visit their walk in shop in Barwell, Leicestershire where you will always get a warm welcome.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".


Disclaimer - I bought this basque to review it and this has in no way affected the outcome of this review. This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

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