Advice On Achieving E-Stim Prostate Orgasms

Aug 15, 2020

Some quick pointers on stimming your prostate with insertables

Here is something for the prostate owners out there who love their e-stim play and want to target their prostate more effectively.

Now I know that most prostate owners use butt plug style electrodes to target their prostates, and that makes total sense.

I mean, by wiring up the head of a bipolar insertable electrode like the Moaner you can then attach the other end of your cable to something like a cock loop or monopole pad electrode.

This (in theory) will allow you to send the electrical pulses from your e-stim control box through your prostate and along your Dorsal nerves to stimulate both the glans of a penis and the prostate itself - perfect.

Often it isn't though. The problem is mainly due to our differing physical anatomy. We are all built slightly differently, which is a good thing, but it also makes it hard to transfer a technique that works perfectly well on one person to another.

We have all been there, you've read up on the perfect electrode position and settings to achieve a hands-free orgasm, but when you try it out - nothing, maybe you got close, but often you aren't even in the same ballpark.

So let's take the subject of prostate orgasms and look at the main problem associated with achieving them.


Firstly your prostate will be in a slightly different position to everyone else due to everyone having different body shapes and sizes. Sounds obvious really but it is often something that is overlooked.

The distance between the prostate and the entrance to your anus differs from person to person, and that is why using a butt plug may not be the perfect solution when targeting the p-spot or prostate.

Image showing the position of the prostate
By Unknown author - This image was released by the National Cancer Institute, an agency part of the National Institutes of Health, with the ID 7136 (image) Public Domain.

Butt plugs are pretty inflexible in terms of the final position of the electrode surfaces both internally and externally of course. It can be challenging to work out exactly how deep your prostate lies within your anal canal without the help of someone else offering a helping hand (or should I say finger). That makes it very difficult to shop for and buy the perfect butt plug style electrode for prostate play.

Now obviously if you are close and you whack up the power then yes you are going to stimulate the prostate, but that could also feel uncomfortable affecting other nerve groups in the region.

It's better to get as close to the prostate as you can to be able to deliver the current and patterns you want at as low a power setting as you need.

Getting In Close

Now an insertable electrode offers much better chances of you being able to get it into the perfect spot to directly (not indirectly) stimulate the prostate.

Image showing the E-Stim Systems Electro EggsE-Stim Systems offer two good options for this. They are their Electro Eggs (available in three sizes, be sure to check out my review of the Electro Eggs), and the E-Bead 2.0 (available in two sizes, and it's a fantastic electrode, check out my review of the E-Bead 2.0).

Both of these bipolar electrodes are insertable, and the cord on them leads to a 3.5mm plug that fits most control boxes except for the ones that use TENS style plugs (you would need an adaptor for those).

Being Bipolar electrodes, they each have two electrode faces in an end to end configuration. The cables are very securely attached and can be used for removal, but it is always better to try to squeeze them out after play.

By experimenting with how far you insert either of these two electrodes, you can narrow in on exactly the best spot for prostate play.

Image showing the E-Stim Systems E-Bead 2.0The Electro Eggs and E-Bead 2.0 differ in the fact that the space between the electrode faces is vastly different. The Electro Eggs have a narrow area of insulation, and this produces localised intense stimulation.

The E-Bead 2.0 with its wider spacing and shape stimulates more area, and this one can induce some incredible ghost fucking sensations. Trust me on this one, try just half inserting it to relish the feeling of your sphincter chomping on it in time with the e-stim pulses as it delightfully ghost fucks you.

Now once you have found the ideal depth for prostate play, it is a good idea to find a way of keeping it from drifting further inside you.

One method is to wrap the cord around something that can sit against you locking it in place. I would advise against tying a knot in the cable as this can damage it, so look for some other positive way to lock its depth.

What About Tri-Phase Play?

I'm not going to define tri-phase play as that could anger the e-stim gods (grumpy old sweats) if I get it wrong.

Suffice to say the 'common' use of the term is used to describe using two e-stim channels with only three electrodes instead of four.

Image showing a tri-phase cable
An image showing a common cable layout for a tri-phase cable

To achieve this, you need to use a control box with isolated outputs such as the 2B, ET312B or AXIS.

One typical setup could be an electrode against the prostate, a cock loop just under the glans and a loop around the testicles. There are lots of other combinations though, so experiment.

With tri-phase play, you attach one plug from each cable to one of the electrodes, making it a common electrode to both channels. The other two free plugs then go to two different electrodes. The current then flows between the two free electrodes and the common. The common one will usually feel the most intense stimulation as it is getting lots of power through it.

Image showing an example of tri-phase electrode positionsBy varying the output power of both channels, you can get some incredible sensations.

As I have already said, the E-Bead 2.0 and Electro Eggs are great for getting your electrode faces right against your prostate, but their design creates a problem for tri-phase play.

You can't easily use one electrode face as their cable design ends in a 3.5mm plug. It is possible though, and without having to resort to cutting into the cable or modifying it in any way.

You can get a breakout socket manufactured by DealMux, and it's basically a 3.5mm socket attached to a three-pin terminal block.

Simply plug in your cable from your E-Bead 2.0 or Electro Egg and then you can directly attach pins or wires to the terminal blocks to use just one electrode face or both to have two channels directly stimulating your prostate.

So using one of these it gives you even more ways to experiment with and enjoy an E-Bead 2.0 or Electro Egg electrode or indeed any other bipolar electrode that is wired up to a 3.5mm plug.

Image showing a DealMux 3.5mm to 3 pin terminal block
These terminal block adaptors allow you to control which electrode faces you want to use

Another option is to use a DIY cable adaptor like the ones I make that accept the 3.5mm plug from your E-Bead 2.0 or Electroegg and convert it to two TENS style sockets that accept 2mm TENS plugs. This type of adaptor allows for effortless connection to either electrode face allowing you to get really creative. You could even use two channels on the same electrode if you add two other external electrode like a cock loop or pad electrode.

Image showing one of my 3.5mm to TENS socket adaptors
Theis simple adaptor allows you to connect cables with 2mm pins to either electrode face of an E-Bead 2.0 or Electroegg

Here is a shameless self-plug (no pun intended). If you want one you can help support my site by buying a Delock Adaptor here or if you want something quick and simple to use then grab one of my 3.5mm to 2mm adaptors here.


Prostate play is fantastic, and it can be used in conjunction with penis play to create a blended e-stim session.

Experimentation as always is key to successful prostate play. Thinking and understanding some basic anatomy really does help.

Internal electrodes make it easier to zone in on the exact position of your prostate, but they come with some drawbacks. You need to think about ways of fixing their position inside you once you locate the ideal spot.

I have seen some fantastic DIY designs over on so check out their DIY Electrode section. If using commercial internal electrodes, you can just order one, take it out of the box and start experimenting.

You can include your prostate in tri-phase play relatively easily, and it can induce some fantastic sensations that will hopefully lead to some mind-blowing hands-free orgasms.

Experiment and have fun, I would love to hear your tips and suggestions in the comments below, so if you have some advice to add then, please feel free to do so.

Happy Stimming.

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  • Vicioso70s
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    Excellent and very comprehensive article. Very interesting about using eggs to get as close to the prostate as possible. Good advice.

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    Comment Link John W-H Tuesday, 24 May 2022 15:32

    Very informative advice and thank you.

  • His Miss
    Comment Link His Miss Sunday, 01 January 2023 19:46

    Is this or any other setup possible to milk the prostate purely with contractions caused by the electric, without orgasm?

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