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Jun 04, 2020

Rachel got a nice surprise after moving abroad

Hello, my name is Rachel, I would like to tell you about something that happened to me recently. After receiving a promotion at work, I needed to move to another country. I was both scared and excited at the prospect at the new job and a new country to explore on my own.

I travelled by plane, limited to just one small case, with the rest of my belongings would be transported by land.

As I didn't want to risk taking any of my favourite sex toys, "just in case". I thought that having only a couple of weeks with my fingers for company wouldn't be a problem. Plus, I could always look to buy something when I arrived at my new home to tide me over as it were.

I was given one month to settle in before I would start work. With nothing to do as yet, I decided that it would be a great idea to spend a few days getting to know the area. While exploring, I was surprised to find what looked like a small sex shop.

Although I had taken some language classes, I wanted to be sure this was a sex toy shop and not a brothel. So I watched the entrance for a while and saw plenty of couples, single men and women come and go from the store carrying shopping bags. This gave me the confidence to see what was on offer inside.

Walking through the door, I was happy to see that it was clean and bright with a vast array of items on offer. Taking my time browsing the shelves, I found a few exciting dildos and vibrators to buy to tide me over until my favourites arrived with the rest of my belongings.

Walking towards the checkout, I spotted another door to one side. I watched a couple enter, then a few men followed. I asked the lady at the desk if I could leave my items with her while I explored, the shop keeper smiled and took the items from me.

Feeling very curious, I walked through the door. There was a long corridor with another door at the other end.

My heart started racing. I could hear music playing quite loudly, as I pushed open the door. There was what looked like a small theatre, a small stage at the front was raised so that everyone sat in the chairs would be able to see clearly. I quietly sat in an empty chair at the back, ready to watch the show.

Within a few moments, the music died down, and a young woman walked onto the stage. She was wearing a sexy red lacy lingerie set, and the highest pair of heels I had ever seen. The only item on stage was a medical examination chair, it looked just like the type seen at gynaecologists. Everyone watched as she placed herself on it as if ready for a doctor to examine her.

Leaning forward to get a better view, I watch a tall man walk onto the stage. He was carrying what looked to be like a large doctor's bag. He was dressed like a doctor with a white lab coat and face mask. The Doctor stepped up and started to strap Red (I decided to nickname the lady) onto the chair. Red made a show of not being able to move.

I was squirming in my seat, excited to see what was going to happen next, and getting hornier every moment. The Doctor took out a large but plug with a tail attached, he applied a lot of what looked like a lubricant to the plug. He swivelled the chair so that everyone could see between Red's legs and began to play with her pussy and clit, through her panties.

It was then that I realised the panties were crotchless. It was so sexy when the Doctor pulled the panties apart so everyone could see a very wet, fully shaven pussy. It wasn't long before Red was squirming and moaning loudly. I was getting wet watching, as Red arched her back and yelled out loud that she was coming. This was when the Doctor inserted the butt plug. It was large and took a while for him to be able to push the whole toy into her anus, but Red's face looked like she absolutely loved it.

Red enjoyed having a pony tail butt plug fitted

The Doctor stood up and showed a set of clamps to the audience. He removed Red's bra and moved to her nipples and began squeezing and pulling them, before putting a clamp onto each one. He pulled on each clamp to show they were secure, and I watched the look of arousal on Red's face, as he did so. He then placed a surgical glove onto his hand and began to cover it in a large quantity of lube. Guessing that he was going to finger Red, I leaned further forward, nearly falling out of my seat.

He rubbed the lube up past his wrist, which confused me at first, then rubbed more lube onto her very wet shiny pussy. As expected, he started to push two fingers into Red's pussy, then he added another one. At this point, I found myself rubbing my legs together to stimulate my own clit. He continued to finger her like this for a while, then he pulled his hand away, applied more lube and began to push his entire fist into her. I had never seen anything like this, it was incredibly sexy to watch. It was then that I felt a hand on my leg, I realised that a man had sat next to me. He was watching me with a lustful gaze as my hand had unknowingly moved between my legs.

I froze, as I had never done anything like this before, then after a moment I shook my head to say no, as I was not comfortable enough to let him go further. He smiled, sat back and continued to watch the show. I soon forgot he was sat there as I watched the Doctor push his entire fist into Red, and begin fucking her with it.

As Red laid back moaning in pleasure, the Doctor then asked if anyone in the audience would enjoy ejaculating over Red. I watched as six men of various ages walked onto the stage. They all had their erect cocks out and moved to the back of the stage. As each man was ready, he would step forward, and I watched as he shot a load of creamy spunk over Red's face or body. Red's body was covered, up to just before her pussy. All the while, the Doctor was still fisting her, and I continued rubbing myself through my panties.

I was feeling so horny at this point, that despite the man sat next to me, I leant back in my chair and spread my legs open. Allowing easier access to myself, I continued rubbing myself, then felt the man's hand on my thigh once again. He was young and attractive, he did not push things further, just sat watching to see if I had changed my mind.

I am no virgin but have never played with a complete stranger before. But being so incredibly wet and horny, I just nodded my head and said yes. Watching his hand move towards my wet, and throbbing pussy was incredibly erotic. Once his fingers reached my clit, I could not watch any more. It felt amazing to have a complete stranger rubbing my clit, knowing anyone else could turn and see what we were doing was a huge turn on for me. My eyes moved back to the stage, Red's upper body was now entirely covered by spunk, and she was just coming undone. Crying out loudly that she was coming yet again.

Red got a good coating in cum

A few minutes later I realised the all the men on stage had now left the theatre. I watched as Red was unstrapped and led backstage. It was then that I realised that the Doctor was looking directly at me. He came down from the stage and moved to the side where there was a sink, after washing his hands, he moved towards my new partner and me. Smiling at us both, he asked if he could join in on the fun.

I have had a fantasy for years of having a threesome but never had the opportunity. To be honest, I was also not confident enough. This was the perfect opportunity to say yes and tick that fantasy off my list. The Doctor could see that I was nervous and asked if I would like him to lock the door so that we could play in private.

The young man said to lock the door and suggested we move to the stage so they would have better access to my body.

Before I knew what had happened, I was laying on a freshly cleaned examination chair. I was not strapped down, but my legs were spread wide apart, allowing both men a good view. They quickly began playing with my clit and pussy, commenting on how wet I was and how they would like to fuck me.

The young man moved up my body so that he could suck and play with my nipples, and I could grab hold of his hard cock. The weight of his large warm cock in my hand felt amazing, and I quickly started to wank him off.

I watched the Doctor slide a condom over his large cock, moving between my legs as I shuffled down so that he would have easier access. I had forgotten my nerves and was wondering why I had not done this earlier in my life. Then I felt his large cock start to spear into my wet pussy. It felt incredible to have a large cock inside my pussy while I was wanking off a second one.

Before long the Doctor was powerfully ploughing into me, I knew that it would not be long before I would be crying out in ecstasy. With this in mind, I started wanking the young man faster. Within just a few more minutes, all three of us were crying out, the young man had moved his hand to catch his semen so that he didn't make a mess of me. Unfortunately for the Doctor, I had actually squirted for the first time ever and had made a mess of his lab coat. He just smiled as I apologised, and as he pulled out and removed the condom, the young man helped me down from the table.

They both thanked me and said that they would love to have more fun with me sometime. The Doctor even offered for me to join him on stage for a special session the following week. I told him I would let him know and took his number, as well as the young man's. We all went backstage, cleaned up and went our separate ways.

I suppose you are wondering if I decided to go back or even if I just called them to play again? You will just have to wait and see. After all, I still had a month before I started work :-)

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Joanne xx

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  • Brief Synopsis: She gets a nice surprise when she moved to a new city abroad.
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