A Busy Week, 3D Printers, Electrodes And Mess

Written by  May 26, 2022

No rest for the wicked

This week has been manic, with big changes afoot in the workshop and a new electrode seeing the light of day.

I previewed and launched the Lucifers Ladder this week, and already I have received some fantastic feedback about this tidy little penis play electrode.

It features not one or two conductive rubber cock loops but three. Why three, you might ask? Well, it gives the wearer the ability to use it in a triphase configuration or together with another electrode; my recommendation would be the tip of the Moaner.

It also acts as a penis splint for penis owners who find themselves growing and shrinking during a stimming session.

The electrode base is designed to insulate the upper portion of the conductive rubber loop that is fitted to ensure you stim both the Dorsal and Perineal nerves for double the fun.

It is a merger of my very popular Double Loop Electrode and the Holy Plate Splint Electrode.

On its first day in my shop, I sent some of them as far afield as California in the US, Australia, Argentina and merry old England. I am pretty proud that my electrodes are reaching a global audience of stimmers, old and young.

I will probably offer it with the Hell Plate from my Heaven and Hell Electrode to give some of my customers a slightly naughtier look and feel. I may even create one option coated in spikes for BDSM play. What do you think about that idea? Let me know in the comment form below.

New Printer Enclosure

I am building a Lack style enclosure for my two Prusa Mk3s+ printers to set them to work printing ABS electrodes as they are becoming more and more popular. At present, I only have the Vorons printing ABS, but that is about to change.

Once I have finished the enclosure with two levels, I then need to pull the Prusa Mk3S+ printers apart to mount the power supplies outside the chamber as it will get too warm inside for them.

For anyone interested, my print farm (more of a petting zoo LOL) stands at:

  • 1 x Voron 2.4 (one more on its way).
  • 2 x Voron 0 (one more on its way).
  • 2 x Prusa Mk3S+.
  • 6 x Ender 3.
  • 1 x Creality CR10-S.
  • 1 x Elegoo Mars resin printer.

Total: 13 printers (with two more being built by me at the moment)

I am in my third office/workshop space, and I never thought I would outgrow this one, but it is already straining at the seams.

This weekend, my task will be to tidy and try to rationalise how I'm storing things in the workshop end of the building. The office end is working well, with three desks and the kink couch (if only it could speak, it would have some kinky tales to tell).

Once I have the bottom end all tidy and much more efficient, I think it will be time for me to bite the bullet and do another walk-around video. It would be pretty interesting to do that as the last one I did was when I got the keys, and it was an empty shell (apart from the spiders' webs, shudder).

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