3D Printer Enclosure - An Update

Written by  Sep 06, 2020

It's update time on my overly ambitious 3D printer enclosure

Well, I thought it was high time to give an update on my 3D printer enclosure at my office. Having just spent a week in hospital (long story) I am well behind where I would like to be in the build, but basically, it is all operational.

If you missed the first post in this series you can read it here - 3D Printer Enclosure.

I am waiting on the doors coming from a supplier that is cutting them to size for me (I pray that I measured them correctly).

I have magnetic reed switched to use on the doors so that if you open the main enclosure doors (either side), it will switch the LED lighting on to 100% white light so I can see what I am doing. Closing the doors resets the lights back to what they were doing before the door was opened.


The LED lighting is fitted, with a 72 RGB LED strip in the top shelf area and also one in the main enclosure, and they look incredible when the printer enclosure is powered up.

I can select different lighting colours or have it slowly cycling through the entire colour spectrum. It even has some cool modes called breath and heartbeat. I will post a video of those when the doors arrive.

Fan and Filter

I have fitted the fan, and the filter is in an enclosure and adaptor that I designed in Fusion 360 to allow me to attach a flexible hose to vent air outside the room when printing materials like ABS.

It works a treat, and it is one thing that is now finished and ticked off the list.

Image showing my filter housing and hose adaptor fitted to the enclosure
I had fun designing the filter holder and hose adaptor

Electronics Enclosure

I have designed the enclosure for the main electronics and power supply for the printer enclosure and lighting.

The main body has now been printed (37 hour print) in white PLA, and it is in place; it features holes where hot air can escape to help cool the power supplies.

I have designed the lid, and that will have a 120mm PC cooling fan on it to blow cooling air through the entire electronics enclosure to keep it all cool. I will start printing that tomorrow.

Image showing the housing for the enclosure electronics
The case came out very nice indeed, I just need to print the lid out now

Control Panel

The control panel is finished and mounted although I may redo the coat of carbon fibre (fake) covering on the screens box.

As you can see, the interface is easy to read, and it is a touch screen so that I can change settings very quickly.

I love how it looks, and it is great to watch the temperatures rise as I am printing things in the enclosure; if it gets too warm, I just up the fan speed to get rid of some of the hot air.

Image showing the control panel for the enclosure
The touch screen controls are easy to operate

Cable Management

I needed to take as much of the electronics for the 3D printer outside of the enclosure. I took the opportunity to upgrade some of them.

But I had a problem. How could I get the cables from the outside of the printer enclosure to the printer inside?

Luckily as a sex toy reviewer, I had the answer available to hand. I sacrificed an old Fleshlight cutting it down and turning it into both a talking point for visitors and a handy cable gland.

I couldn't stop giggling as I fitted it and fed the cables through and it is doing a great job.

I am quite proud of myself for that solution and no doubt it will become a great talking point for guests to my office.

Image showing my solution to needing a cable gland
I bet the creator of this Fleshlight never imagined it would be used for this LOL

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  • Paul Smith
    Comment Link Paul Smith Friday, 04 December 2020 14:21

    Hi Joanne, good to hear that you are feeling a wee bit better. Your creativity is stunning. (Although stunning may be a challenging term to use considering your talents )

    Looking forward to more excitement in 2021 (goodness!!)...

    Hope all our well at Joanne acres....have a great Christmas.

    As I write this in rave Stockport it is depositing snow with vigour.

    So have a great Xmas and New Year.

    Paul Smith xx

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Tuesday, 08 December 2020 18:34

    LOL, nice play on words. Thank you I am slowly getting better but still not 100%.

    I love doing what I do and it is always so nice to get some feedback about my efforts.

    Stay safe in cold and wet Stockport and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year too.


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