2020, A New Year A New Plan

Written by  Jan 16, 2020

This year is going to be a hoot

I have been doing what I do (generally stuffing things inside myself and then telling the internet how good it felt) for five years now. I have had a blast, and my site has grown and grown continually and bears no resemblance to what I first created all those years ago.

There are now three of us regularly reviewing sex toys, and I appreciate the help as things are getting hellish busy these days. My partner, Stunt Cock reviews penis orientated sex toys and BDSM kit and our submissive the lovely sub'r' (who is fantastic) helps with pretty much everything we throw at her.

A new year presents new opportunities and the challenge of focussing and growing even more in a measured manner so that our standards don't drop. We love a good challenge.

Reviewing life

We are currently rushed off our feet and are turning some companies away as I hate having too many things in the review queue. I hate letting people down and making them wait, so I prefer to keep the line reasonably short.

This is becoming a problem as we are now firmly established in the reviewing community. Lots of companies want our thoughts on their wares, and that means we need to work harder or smarter to keep our standards high.

One thing that hampers us at the moment is not having a place where all three of us can chill, shoot videos and do what we do best. Working from home has its benefits but also with two grown-up sons in the house, you can imagine it can be tricky doing what we need to do.

So we decided to grab the bull by the horns this year and establish ourselves in an office space instead of working from home.

The plan

We are now actively seeking rental office space in Derbyshire and are looking for something with good access and a location that works for all three of us.

We want an office space for several reasons, and these are:

  • Fewer distractions, means more work can be done and to a higher standard.
  • I need a space where I can manufacture my e-stim electrodes.
  • We need to set up a studio as we intend to produce a lot of video content this year - eek, I hate being on video.
  • We want to provide a space where other bloggers, whether local or passing through, can drop by for a chat/share ideas.
  • Basically, we are ready to go from amateur to semi-pro reviewers (phffffffffff haha, like that will ever happen).
  • I want jam tarts and really good coffee and as my sons tend to pinch mine, I need a private tart/coffee space of my own LOL.



Our focus will remain on providing first-class reviews and educational articles.

We will tend to spend a lot of time focussing on our great loves of sex machines and of course, e-stim as we love telling people all about these kinky ways to receive hands-free orgasms.

As well as producing high quality written reviews, we want to spend more time creating video content as we feel people are starting to prefer this format as you can get a lot of information over quickly. A picture paints a thousand words, but a video is even better.

Joanne has a plan, not a very thought out one, but one that does feature jam tarts and excellent coffee, oh, and a place to work from too. Click to Tweet

UPDATE: 25/01/20
I'm So Excited, I Am Going For It

After viewing a couple of places I have settled on this office (shown below) so look out for updates on my progress and I will finally have a studio in which to produce videos and hopefully more content and articles. I am so excited.

I have a contract to sign at the end of next week and I get the keys at the end of February. My first step will be to set up the office and a studio section for recording videos.

My DIY Teleprompter is coming along nicely and I can hardly contain my excitement.

It will be so nice to finally have a place to work from.

Joanne xx

I now have an office woohoo!
I now have an office, well I will have on the 2nd March and I can't wait

Joanne's Dildo Cave

You've heard the term "Man cave" before no doubt, but this new office space is going to be my "Dildo Cave". A place where I can leave dildos, vibrators, sex machines and e-stim electrodes laying all over the place.

Bring on the Dildo Cave.



There is the old adage, "if it isn't broke then don't fix it" and we generally agree with that statement, but we feel we are ready to dip our toes in a deeper pond.

Yes, it is going to cost us to set up a studio and office space, but that is the first step towards my dream of one day working from my own dungeon space.

So please wish us luck, and we will, of course, keep everyone informed here as to how we get on. No doubt, our efforts will be highly amateur and probably hilarious as we set up our own office and studio or should I say "Joanne's Dildo Cave".


I am about to sign the contract on this office space and I have come up with a concept layout of it, check out this Office/Studio update post for more info.

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  • Patrick
    Comment Link Patrick Saturday, 01 February 2020 16:19

    This is so exciting, cant wait to pop in and see you once your all set-up

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Saturday, 01 February 2020 16:47

    Thanks Patrick, you would be more than welcome to do so. It is exciting times, I'll probably pop down to annoy you before ETO this year, just to give "Holly Slut" some tummy rubs.

  • Mia More
    Comment Link Mia More Tuesday, 04 February 2020 11:37

    Huzzah! This is GREAT news. I'm so pleased for you.
    I'm also more than a little envious - I wish dahn sarf was closer to you oop north and I could move in too!
    Keep up the good work,
    Mia x

  • Joanne Summers
    Comment Link Joanne Summers Tuesday, 04 February 2020 14:09

    Thanks Mia,
    If you are ever passing this way then give me a shout and you would be more than welcome to drop in. I have spent the day planning and getting all my ducks in a row so when I move in at the end of the month I can hit the ground running as it were.
    Jo x

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