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MyStim Opus E Vaginal Version E-Stim Masturbator Review

A e-stim masturbator that is shockingly good fun Stunt Cock here again for another penis centric review for Joanne. We have both had our eyes on the MyStim Opus E for ages now. There just don't seem to be any decent reviews of it around the net. Having…
December 02, 2019

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Welcome to my siteWelcome to my site, I hope that you enjoy my reviews and articles. I have a fascination with sex toys and in particular sex and fucking machines, e-stim and BDSM. Basically I like it the kinkier the better.

I have a lot of fun doing what I do and I hope it shows in my reviews and articles. I am joined by two friends, my Stunt Cock and sub'r' who assist me with some reviews or where I need a second opinion. I can always rely on them for a good time and honest advice.

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November 17, 2019
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John Thomas® Toys BEASTLI Platinum Silicone Dildo Review

A texture lovers dream come true Well, it isn't often that I get approached by a completely new sex toy manufacturer that are producing the kind of dildos that I love right here in the UK. To say I was delighted when John Thomas Toys got in touch would be an understatement. They wanted me to review one of their newest creations, the Beastli Platinum…
November 16, 2019
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Estim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule

While generally not painful, e-stim can surprise you if you panic Catchy title, eh? What the heck is the E-stim Inverse Proportionality Pain Rule? Well, it's a term that I just came up with to cover an often overlooked effect when playing with electrosex equipment. It is quite simple. The sensations that you feel are inversely proportional to the surface…
November 14, 2019
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Worlds First Condom Specialty Shop - Condomerie

Condomerie is a wealth of condom information and carry a vast range of condoms and other products While at Erofame, my Stunt Cock and sub'r' came across an absolutely fantastic company and stand from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It was fascinating to learn more about this amazing store that has been in business since 1st May 1987. Condomerie was born out…

Sinnovator Typhon Silicone Dragon Fantasy Dildo From Uberkinky

Nov 12, 2019 Dildos
tb-w90-h64-crop-int-66ba94af9dd2ff4985e91eea17126b2d Joanne's Reviews, honest advice & in depth reviews
A fantasy dragon dildo with lots of texture and girth It appears that several sex toy companies have concluded that my pussy loves large fantasy silicone dildos. No complaints from me though, as that's a pretty accurate assessment of my pussies dietary needs.…

Show Stigma The Finger

Nov 06, 2019 Blog
tb-w90-h64-crop-int-0337d585ce9a44257d9b7989b7def1a6 Joanne's Reviews, honest advice & in depth reviews
We should all strive to break down the stigma associated with sex "I think it can be difficult for young lesbian or young gay, bisexual, transgender to come out and be open with who they are because there's such a huge stigma attached to that preference of…

Hankeys Toys XS Dragon Silicone Dildo Review

Nov 05, 2019 Dildos
tb-w90-h64-crop-int-8682a20698ae4b97dfd8b95d002b89df Joanne's Reviews, honest advice & in depth reviews
A texture lovers fantasy dildo wet dream I love Hankey's Toys silicone dildos, they are famous for being incredibly detailed and also larger than life. Fantastic for size queens or anyone wanting to stretch and train for huge dildos. Recently they brought out…

Ann Summers - Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit Review

Nov 01, 2019 Vibrators
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A powerful body-safe rabbit vibe from the home of the rampant rabbit Stimulate your pussy and clit with the Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit from Ann Summers. I love it when I get asked to review rabbit vibrators, and so I jumped at the chance to review this…

Gvibe Mini Gold 24kt Vibrator Review

Oct 29, 2019 Vibrators
tb-w90-h64-crop-int-e4cad3ed671b7de1334c688ab9f53f08 Joanne's Reviews, honest advice & in depth reviews
The Gmini Gold looks amazing and has the performance to match its looks I am so excited to be revealing this review to the world. You see, I have never seen a gold plated vibrator before in my life, so I was blown away by this one. So before I get all giddy,…

Ten Safety Tips For E-stim And Electrosex

Oct 27, 2019 Blog
tb-w90-h64-crop-int-880ca5d99ba3d3eb6f5c799be61dba15 Joanne's Reviews, honest advice & in depth reviews
Stay alive, don't fry your tackle and enjoy hands-free orgasms E-stim or Electrosex involves putting electrical current through your sex organs - eeek! Doing so may be something that intruiges you but also worries you a little. You may be curious about just…