Sybian Pleasure System
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Sybian Pleasure System

Renting a Sybian Pleasure System

Firstly I have to state that I don’t yet own a Sybian (but it is high on my list of wants or should I say needs). I decided to hire one after realising that you can do so from

I came extremely quickly on the Sybian and actually squirted for the first time in my life (Yay for me). The vibrations are so strong you tend to lose focus on everything that is going on around you as all that you can feel and is the throbbing of your clitoris as it gets vibrated into an incredibly high state of arousal.

The Sybian is incredibly expensive and is way out of my price league at £1370 but after being pleasantly surprised by both the service and helpfulness of Ian from Fmachinefun I decided to try out their rental service.

I have no idea why no-one has thought of offering this service before as it seems an obvious one to me.

I rented a Sybian for three days from and in total the price was £145 which is not bad considering the cost of buying one. That price included the courier delivery and collection of the machine (£40 by Interlink Express) and a Medium attachment which I got to keep at the end of the booking. When you see that the attachment alone costs £44.95, it meant that the machine was in fact just £20 a day. As I now own the medium attachment it will be even cheaper to rent one again in the future and I certainly do intend to rent one again as it is amazing, but more on that in a moment.

The machine arrived in a very secure aluminium transit caseThe machine was delivered in a hefty aluminium transit case which is secured by two combination padlocks. It carried absolutely no indications as to its contents (thankfully). The package was delivered by Interlink express and they gave me a one hour delivery window which meant I didn’t have to wait around all day. That did mean that closer to the delivery time I found myself getting more and more turned on though LOL.

I was given the combination codes to the padlocks when I made my booking and once unlocked I lifted the lid. The Sybian is very snug inside the box to prevent it moving around I guess and it is covered in a layer of foam. The box contains the Sybian, its matching stool, a medium insert, a set of ‘Red Risers’, a power lead and paperwork for the booking and its return trip. The return packing label is enclosed inside a sticky plastic window ready to be affixed to the outside of the box prior to the courier collecting it again. All in all everything was pretty much well thought out and professional.

The machine was a stunning purple one

The instructions are a bit daunting and heavy reading. But having read up on the machine prior to its arrival by downloading the manual I knew the basics. The manual can be downloaded from the website by following this link: MANUAL

The Sybian doesn’t require any tools to get it set up and running and its very quick and easy to set up.


The res risers to allow more clitoral stimulationNot a lot to talk about here with the exception of the ‘Red Risers’ The machine is simply removed from the box and the power lead plugged into it. You then slip the medium attachment onto the top of the machine. With the medium attachment you get a spring and white plastic rods. These are first fitted to the top of the machine prior to sliding the medium attachment over it. Their purpose is to move the insert around inside your vagina stimulating your ‘G’ spot. The spring gives a soft rotation and the white rod gives a firmer rotation that you can feel more.

The ‘Red Risers’ can be fitted to the top of the machine and under the attachment and its purpose is to alter the alignment of the attachment and your clitoris. It basically raises the knubbed area of the attachment causing more pressure on you sensitive bits. Trial and error will let you know if you need to fit them or not - I didn’t.

The machine is really easy to controlOperation

Onto the best bit. The machine has just two controls and these are rotation and vibration and each has its own power switch. The controls are very smooth and responsive and once you switch each function on you simply turn the dial until - well I guess you can imagine.

Included Attachments

The medium attachment is a great one to start off withThe Sybian arrived with a medium attachment although others can be added to your booking if you need something with more length or girth. I found the medium attachment to be the ideal size for me as I am no size queen LOL. The underside of the medium attachment showing the springIt features a ribbed phallus and a very knobbly bumpy section which coincides with where your clitoris is when you ride the machine. As has already been stated you can raise the clit stimulator section by using the Red Risers if needed.


This machine is really in a league of its own and it really does live up to its enviable reputation. It literally drags orgasms out of you and I couldn’t walk after using it for the first time I used it as my orgasms were so strong. It is hard to describe the feeling when you straddle this beast and crank up the power. Your whole lower body vibrates.

The machine was a stunning purple oneI came extremely quickly on the Sybian and actually squirted for the first time in my life (Yay for me). The vibrations are so strong you tend to lose focus on everything that is going on around you as all that you can feel and is the throbbing of your clitoris as it gets vibrated into an incredibly high state of arousal.

One word to describe orgasms on the Sybian - Mindblowing.

My partner loved watching me use it and really enjoys taking the controls from me and teasing me. I even took him inside me alongside the attachment in the doggy style and neither of us lasted very long at all.

His comments - “Your whole pussy was vibrating incredibly fast and my balls were rested on the machine and they took the vibrations as well - top notch, I want to do that again”. That sums it up then coming from a man of few words LOL.

The machine was a stunning purple oneThe only downside to the Sybian and it will be a biggie for some is that it can get quite noisy. Using it on a soft surface like a bed or folded duvet on the floor helps but you might want to think twice before renting one if you are in apartments with wafer thin walls. Or the neighbours could get a free show LOL.

Would I recommend the Sybian - “ Oh Yes“. It is the best sex machine I have ever tried to date and I am actually saving up to buy myself one now. The best thing is that will give me half of what I paid renting it off as a discount when I do go on to buy it - bonus.


FMachine Fun, rent or buy the best sex machines available

This is the site that got me interested in Fucking Machines and Sex Machines and they are a firm favourite of mine for their customer service and great down to earth attitude. Nothing is too much trouble and they are very helpful and a great source of information on sex machines in general.

They are the people that I rented a Sybian and got my F-Machine Pro from.

For anyone interested in trying a Fucking Machine or Sybian out before spending a lot of money on one it makes a lot of sense to check them out. Feeling kinky? Try out a sex machine for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

They run both a shop and a great rental service where you can hire a F-Machine Pro or a Sybian to use in your own home and I can attest to the discreet service that they provide. They include new attachment with their rental machines and you get to keep them so you are safe in the knowledge that they aren’t recycling them “Eeew what a thought”.

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says “Hi”.

Joanne Summers

I am an award winning reviewer and married mother of two who loves getting off with all manner of Sex Toys. I really have a soft spot for Fucking Machines and Sex Machines though (I bet you can guess where that soft spot is). I'm also rather fond of E-Stim or Electrosex as well as kinky BDSM play. I love reviewing all manner of sex toys, adult related products and lubes so join me on my quest for ever kinkier orgasms.

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