This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.

Winston Churchill

Nice quote and it probably applies to most people who find this page. That said though these rules and policies are set down so that there is no ambiguity regarding how I run my site and how I interact with others on the "T'internet".

Please take the time to read and digest these rules prior to making an offer of something to review or approaching me for any form of advertising or sponsorship opportunity. Striking a deal with me will mean that I will assume that you have read and agree to these terms and I will therefore not be able to issue any refunds for anything covered below if it proves that at a later date you didn't bother. These are very basic rules and I reserve the right to be able to change them at a later date. So on with the rules.....

Table Of Contents

These policies are broken down into three section for ease of comprehension. You can click on a heading to go straight to that policy:

Reviewing and advertising policies:

Email & other contact policies:

Personal policies:

Reviewing and Advertising Policies

Do you want me to review products for you or your company?

I will consider all offers of products to review. I prefer the more unusual toys to run of the mill bland products, inspire me, I enjoy writting in depth and informative reviews about products that really perform well and that fire up my imagination. If you send me a product to review it will be mine to keep at the end of the review process.

My reviews are written after I have spent time getting to know the product and I will produce a fair assessment of my experiences with your product good or bad. I will not send a product back to you if you do not like the review or it is not as positive as you were expecting. I will not allow you to change the wording of my reviews as they are my opinion. That said if you have a great product you can expect a great review. Reviews can take up to four weeks from me receiving an item depending on my current work load.

I reserve the right to refuse to review a product so please ensure that we agree on what you are sending to me so that this isn't going to be a problem. I will only review products that fit in with my site, check out my past reviews to see the sort of things I have agreed to in the past.

I cannot believe that I have to add this but after a recent incident I just want to be clear that I will not review products that have been opened and removed from their packaging as I will not know if anyone has already used it. I will simply return products like that as I will not gamble with my health for obvious reasons.

I prefer to review products for companies that have an affiliate scheme but I do make exceptions, contact me if you think we can work together even if you do not have an affiliate scheme especially if you are looking for reviews of any of the product types listed below as they really interest me.

  • Sex or fucking machines
  • Violet Wands
  • E-Stim equipment
  • BDSM products (in particular hoods, bindings and restraints)
  • Vacuum beds
  • Tele-dildonic or VR products

I may include links to other peoples reviews of your product inside my review if I think it would be benficial to my readership, however I will never link to one of your competitors from within a review. I may also include links to other similar products that I have reviewed in the past.

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Do you want me to advertise your business/website/product?

I offer two advertising opportunities on my site - text links and banner adverts. I have limited space for advertisements and this subject will be covered in full in a seperate policy page.

All adverts must be paid for in full prior to me listing them on my site and I reserve the right to refuse an adverts text or image if I think it is abusive or offensive in any way. I will offer a refund if I refuse to list your ad or I will give you the opportunity to send a different one.

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Do you want to quote something I have written?

I welcome people quoting my work providing that I get a credit in the form of my name (Joanne Summers) and a reciprocal link to my site. You may quote up to 200 words of text. If you want to use any of my images in your quote please ask me first. Failure to comply with these conditions will force me to contact you and or your host to file a copyright infringement notice. Your host will take offending material offline. Talk to me before quoting anything to avoid any confusion.

The reason that I do not allow more than 200 words from one of my articles being published elsewhere is that it's detrimental to my site as google considers it to be what they call duplicate content. If duplicate content is identified by google my site would receive a penalty against it which means it would feature lower in search engine listings which is detrimental to me and obviously you wouldn't want that to happen. If you like my work then I am happy with an attributed 200 word extract and a link to my site as that would benefit not only me and also your readers as they can then see the rest of my work here.

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Do you want to republish something I’ve written?

I insist that you get permission from me prior to reposting anything in excess of 200 words on your site or publication. Again failure to comply with these conditions will force me to contact you and or your host to file a copyright infringement notice. Your host will take offending material offline.

If my articles or reviews are being posted by you to benefit your business then get in touch with me as I would consider that to then be commissioned work and I will charge you a small fee for this.

If permission is granted to re-post my works then I insist that a credit in the form of my name (Joanne Summers) and a reciprocal link to my site.

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Do you want to write a guest post for my blog, or want me to publish an article you’ve written?

I would love to be able to post guest posts from other bloggers so get in touch if you want to look into that option. However I insist on no duplicate content, any guest posts written must be unique to my site.

If you are looking to promote your business in a guest post then contact me to discuss the possibility of me writing a sponsored post for you or to advertise you in other ways.

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Do you want me to run a competition for you?

I am happy to run giveaway competitions so please get in touch if you want to look into that option.

I can run competitions for things that are relevent to my site and at the moment this service is free. I will consider competitions in which I will fulfill the delivery or ones where you will deliver the item to the winner.

Competitions will be promoted on social media giving your brand some great exposure.

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Do you want me to join your affiliate program?

I generaly only join the affiliate programs of companies who send me products to review or who buy advertising space on my site. If you are thinking about sending me products to review then please do get in touch with me with details about your affiliate program.

It’s also important that your affiliate program offers at least a 10% commission, relatively low payout thresholds ($100/£50 or less), and pays out via Paypal.

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I review products for manufacturers and retailers and as such I have a contract with them to provide a review. If you believe that an item is a copyright violation or patent violation then your disagreement is with the manufacturer. I will not take a review down because you want me to without being ordered to do so by a legal authority or by the company who commissioned the review. I could be held in breach of contract if I removed a review just because you contacted me and so I will wait until your legal procedings conclude or I hear from your legal representatives. Do not send me harrassing messages as my hands are tied in this matter and they will simply be deleted.

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Email & other business policies

Contacting me

When you e-mail, tweet or send me messages through any other medium it comes straight to me. I don't have a webmaster or a team of minions. If you start your message with "Dear sir/madam" or "To whom it may concern" you are obviously spamming or using a shotgun approach to contacting reviewers and you haven't checked out this page. I will therefore probably not even read your message and won't take it seriously.

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Do you want to interview me?

I am very happy to be interviewed. Please get in touch with me to let me konw the topics of the interview, where it will be published, your deadline and how long it will take. I will repsond with my availability. E-mail or chat interviews are my preference.

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Newletter Information

I use MailChimp for my newsletter and as such it is run through a very reputable comany that has a zero spam policy. By signing up for my newsletter you agree to allowing me to send you occasional newsletters detailing new reviews. You can unsubcribe yourself at any time through the link contained in the e-mail and your e-mail address will never be sold or passed on by me to a thrid party.

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Personal policies:

Do you want to flirt with me?

Please don't creep me out or obsess over me. Yes I review sex toys but that doesn't mean that I am "easy" or looking for sexual partners - trust me I can find my own fun.

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Do you want to send me a sexual photo?

Don’t ever send anyone a sexual photo without their consent. I definitely do not need to see pics of your "Mangina" no matter how good you think it looks.

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Do you want to meet me in person?

I occasionally tweet or blog about events or exhibitions that I’m attending. I'd love to meet my readers at these events but again please don't creep me out or start stalking me LOL.

Please, if you find out my “real name” at an event we’re both at, or through other means, I would ask that you still call me Joanne Summers or JS in any interactions we share on the internet. That’s the decent thing to do and I will offer you the same courtesy. Thanks!

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This Policy Page is here for my own benefit but I understand just how hard it is to come up with one so if you feel that you would like to use it please feel free to do so. You can Copy and Paste it in its entirety, changing whatever suits you or leaving it as is. However please credit me with a link back to my site.

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