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I am really proud of how my site has grown since its inception and it's always nice to have new partners come aboard. We are continuing to grow and it is nice that you have shown an interest in my work and site.

There are a lot of reasons why you should advertise your brand or site here on some of them being an excellent targeted audience coupled with being associated with a growing sex blog. I enjoy working with my advertisers to maximise their reach.

Kinkly Top 100 Blogger BadgeMy site is listed on the Kinkly Top Sex Blogs Directory where it features within the top 100 sex blogs and it continues to climb month after month. Last year my site was listed in Kinkly’s Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes list of 2016.

I am very proud of my site and it has a mozilla rank of 4.50, a Google Domain Authority of 8/10 and a Google Page Authority of 7/10 plus I have gained almost 3,400 followers on my main social media prescence twitter in under 2 years.

I offer two advertising choices and each has different benefits for you and your business.

Premium Advertising Space

This advertising package consists of a 250 x 250 pixel banner image shown on the right side of my site globally. This is a prime advertising spot and is one of the first things that visitors eyes are drawn to.

Premium advertisers receive regular twitter posts advertising their business, these will be at least weekly and extra posts can be arranged to support any special promotions or competitions that you are running.

Premium advertisers will be able to rotate the banner image or chane it whenever they want. Please allow upto 48 hours for me to action any changes if you send me a new banner image.

I will also be happy tohost and arrange competitions for Preium advertisers and this is an excellent way to gain some targeted viral traffic to your business and is a great way to increase brand awareness.

Standard Advertising Space

This advertising package allows you to list a 250 x 100 pixel banner image on my site. These banners are also shown globally but they aren't as prominent as Premium advertising banners as they are listed below them so readers need to scroll to see them.

Standard advertisers will benefit from twitter advertising posts made every two weeks generatingbrand awareness and traffic.

Standard advertisers cannot rotate their banners and so it is crucial that you design the right one for this suite and its readership.

Competitions can be run, get in touch with me for details.

Advertising Package Prices

Premium Ads

Standard Ads

£30 for 1 Month£20 for 1 Month
£80 for 3 Months£55 for 3 Months
£160 for 6 Months£110 for 6 Months
£320 for 12 Months£220 for 12 Months
- Global Display - Global Display (below Premium)
- Weekly Twitter Ads - Twitter Ads Every Two Weeks
- Rotation When Requested - No Ad Rotation
- Will Host Competitions - Displayed Below Premium Ads


I accept payment through PayPal or Bank Transfer. Once we have agreed on the duration of your advertising package I will generate an invoice for you. Once paid your banner will be displayed for the agreed period and I will remind you when it is about to expire.

Terms & Conditions

I am very easy to work with and you will find it easy to get your advert listed on my site. I do however have some terms and conditions, all of which are common sense and logical:

  • Banners must be confirmed by me before I will display them. I will not host homophobic, racist, sexist or offensive adverts. I am sure you will understand this simple rule.
  • Purchased advertising space is non refundable.
  • I will ensure that I inform you two weeks before your advert runs out to give to time to decided if you want to renew it or not. If you do decide to renew your purchased time will be added onto the end of the original purchased advert time.
  • Premium adverts are displayed in a rotating order so your advert will spend an equal time at the top as the other premium adverts. I do not believe in favouring one advetiser over another, this is the fairest way to do things.
  • Advertisements carry no guarantee of traffic, you are purchasing advertising space only and the quality of your advertising banner will dictate how much traffic your advert generates.
  • I reserve the right to amend or alter these conditions at any time.
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