Satisfyer Pro Penguin Generation 2 Review
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Satisfyer Pro Penguin Generation 2 Review

This new model looks like a kinky version of Pingu

Three months ago I reviewed the original Satisfyer Pro Penguin and I loved it but I did highlight some disadvantages that it had over its cheaper brother the Satisfyer 2.

I was delighted when Satisyer got in touch once again to ask if I would be interested in reviewing the new version of this little cutie and of course I jumped at the chance to be able to compare it to the old one (it was still in my bedside cabinet so that shows you that I did like it as I still use it).

It really is a very lazy way of masturbating and one that I enjoy. I had the old Penguin in my bedside drawer for those times when "I just need an orgasm and I need it now". This new model has now replace it.


So have the highlighted deficiencies in the design of the original Penguin been rectified and what do I think of this new model? Read on to find out.

Disclaimer - I was sent the Satisyer Pro Penguin Generation 2 to review free of charge and this has in no way affected the outcome of this review. This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something when you follow one of these links I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. For more information check out my disclosure page.

The packaging of the Penguin Gen 2 is rather niceFor anyone who isn't aware, the Satisfyer range of stimulators all use pulse wave technology and they use pulsating air to literally suck on your clitoris causing blood to rush into it and this feels incredible. This type of sex toy doesn't need direct contact with your clitoris, it actually sits around your clit and the pulses of air do all the work.

The Satisfyer Penguin arrives in a very nice box that contains the toy itself held securely inside plastic packaging together with some instructions for use and the USB magnetic charging cable. Give it a full charge before you play with it for the first time.

I love the new colour scheme of the Satisfyer Penguin as this time it does actually does look like a kinky version of 'Pingu' and with the little silicone dickie bow tie it just looks so cute. I thought the tie was just something put on for the box photos, I never in a million years expected it to come with the toy and I love it. It sort of gives it an air of respectability which we all know is a bluff as it is designed to gently suck on your clit.

The new version of the Penguin looks stunning in his black and white colour schemeI had visions of James Bond crossed with Pingu and that is certainly something I never ever thought I'd type in a review or even think of for that matter. This is a sex toy that tickles your fancy and you will fall in love with this cheeky little fellow.

I much prefer the black and white colour scheme over the much drabber old one, it really suits it. So what are the other changes from the first edition model?

The biggest and best improvement over the original is to the controls - hallelujah. The old controls only allowed you to increase the power levels and this was a complete turn off. Satisfyer have now changed the controls so that you can go up and also down through the 11 power settings and it has transformed a decent toy into an amazing one. The controls look as though they are upside down until you realise that you actually use the penguin with him upside down and then everything clicks into place. Press the top button to increase the power and the bottom button to decrease the power whilst playing.

I tend to orgasm very quickly with these types of toy (my record is 18 seconds from cold - oh yes, that was one hell of an orgasm) but now with the improved controls I can edge myself to last a lot longer and this has really meant for some incredible sessions with this little toy.

The new nozzle is silicone an squarish in shapeThe next change is to the nozzle which is now larger and a little more square. It is still made of body safe silicone so that it's both hypoallergenic and phthalate free but it is still a right royal pain in the butt to refit though as it will only go on one way. Once you have it fitted correctly it fits flush with the body of the toy, if it isn't right there will be an annoying lip to catch yourself on.

Cleaning is easy, just remove the silicone tip and clean with warm soapy water before using an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, you can gently clean inside the toy with a cotton ear-bud if there is any vag-goo in there just be careful of the delicate pulse wave membrane, you don't want to damage that.

It comes with a magnetic charging cable that is easy to fit to the two metal studs at the base of the toy and it holds on quite securely but you will need to check that it's still charging once you place the toy down on a surface just incase you dislodge the connector.

Check out the next generation Satisfyer Penguin. It's James Bond crossed with Pingu. Click to Tweet

The new Penguin looks so cute

To use this cute little toy you simply open yourself up and place the nozzle over your clitoris, switch it on and then just sigh as you feel the air pulses stimulating your clitoris, drawing blood into it and massaging it. It sort of feels like having someone tonguing it and sucking on it gently at the same time and it's a unique sensation that never fails to get me off. You can then use the improved controls to increase or decrease the power depending on how you want to masturbate and you just simply hold it there. You don't need to move it, it does all the work for you. Try it with a partner penetrating you for some incredible orgasms that can just go on and on and on.

Charging is really very easy with the magnetic USB cableIt really is a very lazy way of masturbating and one that I enjoy. I had the old Penguin in my bedside drawer for those times when "I just need an orgasm and I need it now". This new model has now replaced it.

This is a waterproof toy and it is even more powerful in the bath submerged, the sucking sensations are much stronger and you have to experience it for yourself to appreciate it. You can of course use it standing in the shower but I prefer using it laying in the bath.

One thing that surprised me with the original was just how quiet it was compared with the other models in the range and this one is ultra quiet as well, you are not going to be over heard using it. It does get louder as you increase the power through its 11 settings but it isn't anything that will be heard through a bedroom door and this makes the Penguin a very discreet sex toy even in a crowded house.

Key Features

Key features:

  • Striking new colour scheme that looks gorgeous
  • Improved controls
  • 11 power levels
  • Magnetic charging
  • Waterproof
  • Boday safe materials

Final Thoughts

I love the new edition to the Penguin, I call mine Pingu and I do have him in my bedside drawer. He is a lot of fun to use, he can get me off very quickly or I can stretch things out as long as I want and the orgasms that he delivers seem to go on for ages. The old Penguin was a good sex toy, this one is an amazing sex toy and one that you should try if you have never tried an air pulse sex toy. It's very reasonably priced compared to its competition and lets face it it just looks soooo damn good, you can't help but smile when you pick him up with his little dickie bow tie. Sex toys can be cute and this one leads the pack in that regards as well as many others. I have no qualms in recommending the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Gen 2 to anyone, look out of the black and white fellow in your favourite sex shop.

I was sent the Satisfyer Pro Penguin Generation 2 by in exchange for a fair an honest review and I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to review it for them.

Joanne's rating

8.8Overall9Design8Features9Functionality10Ease of use8Price

Where Can I Get One From?

Grab a Satisfyer Penguin from Simply Pleasure for just £59.95

Check them out and don’t forget to tell them that Joanne says "Hi".

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