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The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are either curious about the whole E-Stim or Electrosex scene or you are amazed that anyone would actually apply electricity to their genitals and want to find out more about this way of getting yourself off.

Yes you read that right, you can get yourself off simply through the use of a bit of electricity.

Now the key to my last statement was "a bit of electricity" and whilst not entirely compliant with the SI system of measurement for electricity the "bit" that I am talking about is really very tiny. I do not suggest that you wire your genitals up to the mains socket in your bedroom for obvious reasons.

If you ask most people what they imagine the sensations to be like when playing with e-stim equipment one common answer is the shock delivered by an electric animal fence. Nothing could be further from the truth and for a newcomer it really is a confusing area of masturbation, through this article I hope to shed some light on this tantalisingly pleasant masturbatory practice.

We are all taught at a very early age of the dangers of electricity and here I am condoning, nay, recommending its use as a masturbatory aid. Yes electricity is dangerous but with the correct equipment and with safety paramount in your mind it can deliver mind blowing orgasms - hands free. Now I bet that has now got you really curious so read on to learn of the ins and outs of this kinky sexual practice.

Thursday, 22 October 2015 13:16

Reasons Why Women Should Masturbate Regularly

Female Masturbation Is Still A Big Taboo

It's something that we rarely talk about even with our closest friends but lets face it we have all "Polished the pearl" or "Jilled off" - (note to self I love sexual euphemisms). Some of us are even ashamed to do it at all. That's probably due to the fact that society still encourages guilt and shame about masturbation - it's simply something that "good girls shouldn't do". Well, to hell with that train of thought.

You should be asking the question, why not do it? It feels amazing, has great health benefits and relieves stress so why wouldn't anyone want to stop everything they are doing and get themself off.

I want to break down some of the myths around masturbation and to prove to you that it's a totally positive experience. Everyones body is unique and your way of masturbation will probably be different to mine but that doesn't matter as there is no right or wrong way to do it. So here are some quick and simple reasons why you should be doing it.

Get to know your own body

Masturbating is a great way to get to know your own body. Learn what feels great and experiment a little, if you've never checked yourself out then grab a mirror and watch yourself doing it. It can be quite an enlightening experience.

Masturbation is not all about the clitoris, you have lots of erogenous zones, so explore them. Find your G-spot and get to know how to stimulate your nipples, neckline, inner things and breasts.

Learn how you like to be pleasured, do you like it fast or slow, firm or gentle. It's only if you know how to please yourself that you can give your partner a clue as to what works best for you. Trust me, he or she will appreciate the heads up.

It releases sexual tension

If you are between partners or are having a bit of a dry spell then masturbating can relieve your own sexual stress and satisfy your libido.

It can help you sleep

Masturbating is a great way to get a good nights sleep. A hard orgasm can physically and emotionally drain you of tension and can exhaust your body. It can lower your blood pressure and you will be able to fall asleep after masturbating a bit easier than without doing so. Orgasms can make you feel relaxed and satisfied and the result is similar to the way that reading a good book relaxes you and helps you drift off to sleep.

It can improve your sex life

Knowing how to get yourself off allows you to communicate that you a partner and that will benefit you both. You can also masturbate with your partner, they will love watching you do it and will pick up some tips on what works best for you. It is a great way of spicing things up a bit.

Masturbation can help with period pains and general aches

Who would have thought that masturbating can cure a headache? Well it can, orgasms release endorphines, dopamine and oxytoxin which can improve your mood and create a natural high that can mask pain to an extent. Who needs to take drugs when your body can produce the best types on its own.

Stay sexual

You've heard of the term "post orgasmic glow" well it is a real thing, masturbating alters your heart rate and sends blood to your extremities and erogenous zones and that's the reason for the glow. Masturbating can increase your own confidence in your body and improve your self image and this can help with your wider sex life in general.

Toys, toys and more toys

The best thing about masturbating is definitely experimenting with sex toys. If you've never used a vibrator then you honestly don't know what you are missing. Sex toys are amazing and are great for exploring your body and what turns you on. There is a huge range of sex toys out there to enjoy either on your own or with a partner. Vibrators, dildos, vacuum pumps, plugs, lube, fucking machines the list goes on and on. Trust me when I say that there is a sex toy out there for everyone, just open your eyes and look around my site for some inspiration on that front.

Multiple orgasms

Knowing how your body and its erogenous zones work will allow you to reach an orgasm quickly and more frequently. Why settle for one orgasm when you can have more, just keep playing and strive for the fabled multiple-orgasm.

It can boost sexual health

Masturbation keeps the vagina well lubricated which can help to flush out unwanted bacteria. Masturbation causes your pelvic floor muscles to contract lifting your uterus and this helps strengthen these muscles helping to condition them - so it really is a good work out.

No negatives at all

There are no negatives to masturbating, it's safe and healthy. You can't catch anything from doing it, you can't get pregnant and you won't get sick. It is probably the best way to enjoy yourself without any negative repercussions. It's a party for one and you won't regret doing anything in the morning.

It's just amazing

Finally, you should be masturbating because it feels amazing, is great fun, has positive health benefits and it can really improve your sex life. Why wouldn't you want all of these things?

So what are your waiting for - your pearl isn't going to polish itself ;-)

Monday, 14 September 2015 06:40

Buying your first vibrator

Advice on buying your first vibrator

It doesn't matter if you have just turned eighteen or forty, buying your first vibrator is both a confusing and a scary prospect. I bought my first ever sex toy through an advert in a mens magazine when I turned 18. Back in those days there was no way I was going to go into a seedy sex shop, so I ordered it by post and was terrified that my parents would open my mail when it arrived. To overcome this worry I met the postie every day at the bottom of the drive. After a very tense period of waiting it arrived and I was keen to try it out, however it wouldn't even switch on, I was gutted and had no way of getting my money back.

These days you have more choice than ever in the way that you can obtain a vibrator or any other sex toy for that matter. Modern sex shops are clean and very friendly places and you can always order one from the myriad of websites online. The choices available are literally mind blowing and it pays to do a little research before you part with your cash.

Hopefully this article will give you some pointers and advice. I hope it makes your journey of sexual awakening both a smooth and enjoyable process.

Why get a vibrator?

A recent study found that over 70% of women only masturbate by using clitoral stimulation and don't actually penetrate themselves when playing. Vibrators can produce amazing sensations when used on or around the clitoris and they can heighten arousal when used on your own or with your partner. So why wouldn't you want one? If you want to find a way to heighten your fun and provide new ways of pleasuring yourself then don't mess around get one, trust me you won't regret it.

Considerations when looking for a good vibrator

There are lots of considerations when looking for a decent vibrator and it all starts off with understanding what materials are body safe, yes there are some materials used that aren't good for you. How companies can get away with making sex toys out of these materials is a mystery to me but they can, but as long as you understand what to look for you won't have any problems. I have an article that focusses on the different types of material used in sex toys and you can read it HERE. In essence look for vibrators made out of silicone, ABS, glass, metal and stone. If you're shopping in a shop for your vibrator sniff the vibrator that you are interested in, if it smells of chemicals or has a strong aroma steer clear of it.

Online sex toy shopping

There are literally thousands of sites selling thousands of different types of vibrator, just like when shopping on the high street use shops that have good reputations and have good reviews and policies. Do a little research into the shop you are looking to use when you buy your sex toy. Check out their policies on things like shipping and returns. You still have statutory rights when shopping online. Shops are obliged to provide either an exchange or refund if the product that they provide is not fit for purpose, so if it breaks you have your normal rights. Most companies will not give you a refund if you have used the toy or broken any hygiene seals if you change your mind about the purchase. A quick google will reveal if there are lots of complaints about a company, one good way to choose a shop to use is to check out product review sites like mine. Anyone with a serious blog would never recommend a dodgy company to their readers. Using an affiliate link on your favourite blog site will also give the author a small commission on any sale. This doesn't cost you anything extra but can really help bloggers offset the costs of their sites.

If you have a partner involve them in your choice of a sex toy, it can help bring you closer together and even spice up your sex life a bit.

Shopping in a high street sex shop

Modern high street sex shops are clean and inviting places where you can often get good advice and most carry a large selection of stock. The biggest plus point with shopping in person is you can see the size, colour, weight and performance of the type of sex toys you are interested in.

Most sex shops will let you test vibrators out by switching them on and touching them to your nose. I know that this sounds weird but you can actually get a very good indication as to a vibrators power through the tip of your nose. If it makes you sneeze then great LOL, buy it.

Testing sex toys out like this is also great for getting an idea as to how noisy they are, vibrators vary in their noise output and go from whisper quiet to council road workers jack hammer. Choose one that suits your own circumstances.

Take your partner along with you, you can use each other for support and courage and choosing sex toys together is actually a very positive thing to do.

Ask about the returns policy before buying a toy in a shop. The staff are all generally helpful and not creepy and they will answer any questions you have.

General points to consider

Research the sort of vibrators that interest you, read reviews and try to come up with a shortlist of choices that you can then shop around for. Consider buying a waterproof vibrator as you can then use it in the shower or bath, using it in a shower can often cover the noise of the vibrator and it is a very pleasant thing to experience.

Look for a vibrator with several vibration patterns rather than a one speed one, trust me you will thank me later for that snippet of advise. If you are over 40 you may need stronger vibrations to get yourself off so consider a wand type vibrator, these vibrators are very powerful but can be a bit noisy so your circumstances will dictate whether or not they are right for you.

If you are sexually inexperienced and want to use the vibrator for penetrative fun as well choose something slim so that you stay inside your comfort zone, if you are a size queen then let your imagination run wild.

Cleaning sex toys

Spare a thought as to how you clean your sex toy, this is very important as a dirty toy can harbour bacteria that can give you an infection. You can use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner or just soap and water. Make sure you take care if your toy is not waterproof when cleaning it. Always clean your toy prior to placing it back in storage, firstly it's more hygienic this way and secondly the toy is ready to use straight away when the moods strikes you again.

The biggest thing to remember is that there is nothing dirty, degrading or wrong with using sex toys, they are just another way to enhance your own pleasure and enjoyment. Get out there and believe me, once you have bought your first vibrator masturbation will never be the same again - and that's in a good way.

I hope you enjoy your first vibrator and if you found this article useful I'd love to hear from you so drop me a note using the comment form below.

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 07:52

What type of sex toy reviews do you like?

I want to know what you'd like to see me reviewing

This site is all about providing in depth reviews of sex toys and adult products that will hopefully be of interest to anyone looking to experience these items. That said I need your help.

I can go on reviewing what I like and enjoy forever but that would just benefit me, I want to know what you would like to see me use and review. Tell me the sorts of things that are of interest to you so that I can make an informed decision as to what to get in for review.

I don't just rely on manufacturers and companies supplying me with products for review. I purchase most of my review items myself and that gives me the opportunity to pick and choose what I want to review. So let me know what I should be reviewing.

You can vote for upto three of the headings laid out below or even suggest something missing from the list. Please take the time to vote as I would love to know what you'd like to read about.

Joanne xxx

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 13:59

Beginners Guide To Sex Machines

Thinking About Buying A Sex Or Fucking Machine?

As with anything else, it always pays to do your research when planning a major purchase. Hopefully this guide will give you a few pointers to check up on before you part with your cash. Sex and Fucking Machines are expensive pieces of equipment and as with any type of product out there the marketplace is filled with everything from junk to amazing bargains.

The aim of this article is to describe the different types of sex machines out there and what to look at when considering buying one. With some luck it will help you avoid buying a lemon and mean that you get more fun and enjoyment out of your new bedroom accessory.

"Buying a Sex Machine is a huge commitment, there is a lot of choice available and it definitely pays to do your homework and find out what really makes the machine that you are interested better than the rest."

To start off then I will cover the basic types of sex machines available:

  • Fucking Machines
  • Sybian - this machine deserves its own section
  • Monkey Rockers
  • Power Tool Sex Machines
  • Home Made Sex Machines
  • Electro Stimulation Machines

These are the most common types of sex machines available and prices vary from about £100 to over £2000 for a top of the range unit.

One consideration you should think about is the materials used in any penetrating attachment. Check out my Sex Toy Material Guide for some great advice on material selection and more importantly, what to avoid.

The following sections of the article are based on my own experiences and are my opinion on the matter, you will decide whether or not it is good advice and I would love to hear about your experiences or thoughts about these types of machines.

Fucking Machines

I absolutely adore fucking machines and can spend hours just enjoying the feeling of being pleasured by something that won't tire out and will just keep on going until I'm the one worn out. A fucking machine is one that penetrates you either vaginally or anally and simulates intercourse by thrusting a dildo in and out at a speed which you can control.

Most machines use a flywheel to translate rotational movement from a motor into linear movement of a thrust rod to which a dildo is then attached. By altering the radius of the linkage arm on the flywheel different depths of thrust can be set up and the speed can be easily controlled to control the pace. Thrusting of upto four thrusts a second are not uncommon on faster settings.

Machines such as my F-Machine Pro and my Maestro use this principle to good effect. The biggest factor in how powerful these machines are is the torque output of the motors used. It takes a surprising amount of force to drive a dildo in and out of an orifice especially if that orifice is in mid orgasm and contracting like crazy. It is definitely worth buying a machine with a strong motor as you will regret getting one with a weak one. To give you an example, I can't stop the F-Machine Pro by clamping down on the dildo with my PC muscles but I can stall the Maestro if I do the same and that is purely due to the torque difference in the motors used.

The F-Machine Pro is a great entry machine but I have heard stories or people using it anally who have been able to stall a machine due to anal penetration requiring more force than vaginal penetration.

So lots of Torque is good in a fucking machine but it does have one drawback. A very powerful motor is great but if your machine is light and you are using it with a large toy you can actually cause the machine to move back and forth instead of the dildo. This is due to the torque over coming the resistance it comes across by moving the machine as opposed to the dildo. Some people clamp their machine down to prevent this, I simply place my feet on the feet of the machine and have found this to be an excellent way of overcoming this problem.

Some of the more expensive machines on the market such as the Shockspot and Tango use linear motors, these have no flywheel meaning that the machine can be more streamlined and smaller.

A quick note on some of the cheap machine gun type sex machines. They are much cheaper than a regular fucking machine but lack power and break relatively easily so only go for one of them if you cannot afford something better.

The Sybian

This machine is a legend in its own right and is an internet star, appearing on live shows like the Howard Stern show. It is basically a ride on vibrator, whilst that sounds a bit dull, believe me the Sybian is anything but dull, it is a raging power house that is designed to be able to rip orgasms out of you. It is quite simply the most powerful vibrator that I have ever used and features some neat tricks up its sleeve.

The Sybian is one hell of a ride

An attachment is placed on top of the Sybian and there are numerous ones available that offer the choice of penetration or non penetrative fun. A number of different sized sleeves are also available to alter the girth of the attachments to suit everyones tastes.

You straddle the Sybian and insert the attachment into your vagina, your clitoris rests against a nubbed portion of the attachment and these nubbs are designed to transmit the vibrations directly to your clit.

The machine just has two controls on a corded remote and these are rotation and vibration, each function has its own on/off switch. The rotation feature makes the attachment move around inside of you applying pressure to your g-spot whilst the vibration control alters the speed of the vibrations from amazing to OMG.

I can highly recommend the Sybian and using one actually caused me to squirt for the first time in my life, try one you will not be disappointed.

The Sybian is a very expensive piece of equipment but luckily there are a number of companies that rent them out so you can try one before buying one. I have used the services of to try out the Sybian, they provide a new attachment that you get to keep at the end of a booking. Whichever company you use if you go down the rental route make sure that you insist on a new attachment and not something that has been "cleaned". Renting is a great way to experience the Sybian without the huge outlay of money.

The only drawback with the Sybian is with the noise it makes, it is loud, really loud. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone living in a flat or with parents as there is no way that no-one is going to notice it in operation.

Monkey Rocker

A monkey rocker is a human powered fucking machine where you sit on a seat that has a dildo attached to it. You rock the seat back and forth and this moves the dildo up and down allowing you to control the speed of thrusting.

A great way to get fit whilst you enjoy yourself

These machines are almost totally silent with the only drawback being that your thighs can soon tire, that said its a great way to have fun whilst working out.

Power Tool Sex Machines

I mention these machines just to satisfy your curiosity, I would never recommend that anyone tries using them as power tools are designed for anything other than sex and so safety is a big concern with these.

I am talking about the Drill-do and Fuck-saw here, you can buy adaptors to fit on a drill or reciprocating saw to allow you to fit a dildo onto them. Yes you heard that right a dildo on a powertool.

Don't try this at home without thinking it through properly

The biggest risk with these machines is through electrocution and friction, the human body is not designed to have things moving inside it with the speeds that these machines are capable of doing. That said though, if they do tickle your fancy, please use lots and lots of lube as you are going to need it.

Use a proper adaptor to mount a dildo, don't just stick a dildo on the end of a saw blade as anyone with a modicum of common sense can see what is going to happen if you use it and serious injury of god forbid death could result from doing so. Use at your own risk.

Home Made Sex Machines

Lots of people make their own sex machines and there are plans available on the net to build basic machines and a monkey rocker clone. If you do make one yourself get someone qualified to do the electrics and think about waterproofing them as body fluids do transmit electricity. Think safety first with every step of the build.

It is relatively cheap to make a sex machine

A lot of people use car windscreen motors for their builds, one bonus with doing so is that it will be a 12V system which is safer and you can get a lot of torque out of a windscreen motor but the top speed will probably be restricted to about 120RPM.

Whilst building a sex machine might appear to be a cheap option when you consider the safety implications of something going wrong it would probably be best to buy a machine designed as a sex toy rather than to cobble one together yourself unless you are very technically and safety minded.

Electro Stimulation Machines

In a nutshell, E-Stim or electro stimulation, (also known as 'estim', 'electroplay' or 'electrosex'), is the use of electricity to provide extremely pleasurable sensations in your body. The strength of these sensations can be varied to produce unique experiences, e-stim is great for play on your own but it's even better with a partner as you can surrender yourself to them and let them tease you to orgasm.

The e-stim kit is an amazing entry level kit for a female

A lot of e-stim units available are based on TENS units, these are pain relief machines that function in the same way as an e-stim however they lack the power and range of features of a true e-stim.

E-stim systems work by passing a current through a set of electrodes. These electrodes can either be monopole (such as the adhesive sticky pads available for tens units) or bipolar (such as the Veriprobe or Flange electrodes). If you are using monopole electrodes then you need two of them to form a circuit using the skin between the pads. Monopole electrodes have a cable going to each electrode. Bi-polar electrodes have both cables going to one unit that has two separate electrodes on it, as with the veriprobe when it is inserted into your pussy or ass your tissue makes the circuit between the two electrodes.

E-stim units can provide a multitude of sensations from the fluttering of butterfly wings against your skin to full blown muscle cramps and everything in between. I'd highly recommend that beginners start with something like the Intro2Electro kit from

Check out some of my reviews of e-stim sex toys HERE.

Why Not Try Before You Buy

ian over at runs a great sex machine rental serviceAs sex machines are such expensive pieces of kit, especially when you consider the more advanced and capable ones it makes sense to think about trying one before parting with your hard earned cash. That is where the service provided by Ian over at is so good. You can rent either a Sybian, an F-Machine Pro 2 or a Venus Male Masturbator from him to see if they work for you before settling on buying one. If you then go on to buy one from there they will give you half of what you paid in the rental fee as a discount which is great. They send out new dildos or attachments with every booking and you get to keep those at the end of the booking as for obvious reasons they don't recylce penetrables. I have used their service on a number of occasions an can heartily recommend them. Check out

I hope you found this article interesting and useful, basically take your time when selecting the right machine for you, do your homework and consider renting a machine before buying one to see if it is for you. Thanks for reading this, I'd love to hear what you think about it so why not place a comment below.

Sunday, 31 May 2015 11:14

Sex Toy Material Guide

Which Sex Toy materials are best?

Your foremost consideration when selecting a sex toy, whether it be a vibrator, dildo or anything for that matter is what material it's made out of. Some materials are amazing for sex toys and some are outright dangerous, I hope to shed some light on the best and the very worst of them out there to hopefully help you make an informed decision as to your next purchase. So in other words I am going to highlight:

"Materials I think are good for the pink and materials I'd frown at even for the brown."

To start off then I will concentrate on the best materials for sex toys and these are:

  • Silicone
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Hard Plastic
  • Aluminium

These are by far the best materials for sex toys and all of them are Phthalate free (more on this later in this article). All are non-porous which means that they don't have microscopic holes in them that are ideal breading grounds for bacteria and as such they can be safely shared if they are sterilised between users.

Remember that all of your sex toys should be non-porous, this makes them easy to clean and above all safe to use. Porous sex toys harbour bacteria that are very difficult to kill even with sex toy cleaners and these toys can easily give you bad yeast infections or worse.

Sex toys made of the above materials can be used both vaginally and anally with no problems at all, moving a toy from your vagina to your anus isn't an issue but you should never move a toy from your anus to your vagina without cleaning it beforehand as bacteria from your anus can again give you a bad infection if transferred into your vagina.

TOP TIP: If you want to start off with anal fun with a toy before moving on to vaginal pleasure then place a condom on the sex toy, when you are ready you can then whip it off and the toy will still be clean and ready for vaginal use.

Finally no matter what material your sex toy is made out of always wash it thoroughly prior to first use to get rid of lubricants and oils used during the manufacturing process.


Tantus manufacture a very high quality range of silicone sex toysSilicone is quite simply the best material for sex toys in my opinion, it is soft and squishy (several different levels of stiffness and finish are available) and it is a great choice for your next sex toy. It's the only soft and flexible material in the safe list above.

A couple of excellent manufacturers of high quality silicone sex toys are Tantus, their range is excellent or if you are looking for something a little different then try the range of fantasy sex toys from Bad Dragon.

As I have already mentioned Silicone is Phthalate free and non-porous. Phthaltes are chemicals used to soften plastics and they are present in some sex toy materials such as PVC and jelly toys. Phthalates have been linked to organ failure and they are possibly carcinogenic, if those two are not good reason to avoid PVC sex toys then I don't know what is.

Sex toys can be cleaned in a dishwasherAs silicone is non-porous it is very easy to sterilise and clean, it can be sterilised in a number of ways such as boiling for a few minutes or washing in a 10% bleach solution. You can even wash it in your dishwasher if it has a sanitise setting or simply wash with warm soapy water and your favourite anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. If boiling make sure that the silicone doesn't touch the side of the pan and that if your toy contains a vibrator element that it is removed prior to boiling or placing in the dish washer.

Ideally you should use water based lubricants with silicone toys as silicone lubes can sometimes react with the surface of some toys. I have found that high quality silicone lubes can safely be used as long as you test them on a small part of your toy that isn't on the insertable section of it first. Simply apply a small amount of the lube to a test area and look for any surface reaction. If the silicone gets sticky then immediately scrape off the excess lube and wash your toy in warm soapy water to get rid of the rest of it.

It is best to store silicone sex toys separatley, ideally in their own bag if it comes with one. I use sealable freezer bags for mine (make sure your toy is clean and dry before storing this way as any moisture can lead to mould growth)

Some silicone surface finishes can be only what's described as dust and lint magnets and these toys should definitely be stored in a bag after cleaning.


Glass dildos can be amazing to useGlass is a great material for sex toys, it is both non-porous and phthalate free and due to its extremely smooth surface you need little if any lubrication. Cleaning is also a doddle, you can wash it in the dishwasher, use a bleach solution or even boil them. If you do decide to boil them then it's best to wrap the toy is a small hand towel to prevent the risk of it chipping if it hits the pan sides as you boil the water.

There are a number of small companies making specialised glass sex toys but most major retailers carry a nice range of them such as A Touch Of Glass, Bondara, SexShop365 or SexToys.

There are two types of glass used in sex toys, the first is soda-lime glass, this is used by some of the smaller manufacturers and it is not as heat resistant as the second type which is boroscilicate glass. Soda-lime glass toys should not be boiled at all.

Thankfully most glass toys are made out of the second type of glass and this is basically the stuff that Pyrex dishes are made out of and these can definitely be boiled to sterilise them between users. They are very durable and you needn't worry about one breaking inside of you, it isn't going to happen. You can chip a glass toy if you drop it onto a hard surface and if it gets chipped then stop using it for obvious reasons. Always give a glass sex toy a good look over before using it.

Glass sex toys are compatible with any type of lube and due to its very smooth surface you will not need much at all. One thing that can be a lot of fun with glass toys is to gently warm them prior to use in warm water for a very sensual feeling, you could always chill them as well if that's what flicks your switch. All in all glass toys are safe and a lot of fun to use, I'd highly recommend that you try one.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel sex toys are a lot of funThis is another great material for sex toys and stainless steel toys can also be warmed up or chilled prior to use. These are probably the most durable toys that you'll ever own, they are basically chunks of metal that don't rust. Their polished finish is a delight to look at and they are compatible with all lubes and again due to the smooth surface you won't need much lubrication.

Routine cleaning is easy, you can either boil them, put them through the dishwasher or use an anti-bacterial cleaner on them. One word of caution though never use anything abrasive on them as you will mar the finish.

Stainless steel toys should be made out of 316 Stainless Steel and manufacturers such as njoy do so. This grade of steel is the medical grade and is nickel free so you don't need to worry about any nickel allergies.

Ceramic & Wood

Ceramic sex toys are very good qualityCeramic is also a great material for dildos being nonporous and phthalate free. You shouldn't put ceramic toys in the dishwasher or boil them, to clean simply use warm soapy water and you prefered anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution.

Ceramic toys can be warmed or chilled and you can use any lube type with them. For a great line of ceramic toys check out Pipedreams Ceramix Range.

Wooden sex toys have grown in popularity over the years and there are some nice examples out there. Hard woods are used for wooden sex toys with woods such as Oak, Padauk, Ash and Walnut being commonly used. Wooden toys cannot be boiled or put through a dishwasher, use a bleach solution or anti-bacterial cleaner. Do not use any solvents as you will damage the protective coating on the sex toy.

Hard Plastic

Plastic sex toys are cheap and funyHard plastic sex toys are cheap, nonporous, phthalate free and easy to clean. Simply clean with an anti-bacterial cleaner or a 10% bleach solution.

There are literally thousands of plastic sex toys out there and their only drawback is that they are rigid.

You can use any lube with hard plastic toys.

Due to their low cost a lot of online retailers offer plastic vibrators as free gifts when and order total passes a set mark. These low cost vibrators are often called finger vibes.


Aluminium sex toys are becoming more popularAluminium sex toys are becoming more popular now as their main advantage over stainless steel is their lightweight nature.

They are nonporous and phthalate free and cleaning is the same as for stainless steel sex toys. Any lube can be used with aluminium.

Well done for making it this far, choosing a sex toy made out of the materials listed above makes a lot of sense. Look after your toys and observe safe sex toy practices and your purchases will last for a very long time. Listed below are the materials to stay away from. Some honest manufacturers will correctly label toys and give the necessary safety advice but others don't. It is best to play safe and just avoid them altogether. There is a lot of uncertainty with these materials and my advice would be to steer well clear of them all.

As we go down this list the materials get progressively less body safe and more dangerous. I am no chemist but have read enough information online to make me very wary of the following:


Non porous and phthalate free, this is the safest out of these materials.

Thermoplastic Rubber - TPR, TPE and Elastomer

Some toys made out of these materials are porous others are not. Generally phthalate free and a definite better choice than jelly rubber toys.

Silicone Blends TPR SIlicone, CyberSilicone

These toys are in my opinion a marketing ploy. They have various levels of silicone in them from none to a little, the manufacturers just like to use the word silicone on the packaging to confuse customers as to what the material really is. These toys are porous and probably phthalate free.

Skin or Realistic Materials

Cyberskin and Ultraskin are porous and likely contain phthaltes. Some people have bad reactions to other chemicals in them and a condom should definitely be worn over these toys when you use them. You can't even use soap on some of these materials and you often have to put a dusting of cornstarch powder on them to prevent them getting sticky.

PVC, Jelly, Rubber, Latex

All of these materials are porous and they all contain phthalates as well as other irritating chemicals that people have bad reaction to. Why are they available? Basically they are cheap. A barrier between your sensitive bits and these toys is recommended. You can use water based lubes with these materials and some are fine with silicone lubes but stay away from oil based lubes.

I hope you found this article interesting and useful, basically stay away form the cheap materials and if you can go for silicone every time. Thanks for reading this, I'd love to hear what you think about it so why not place a comment below.

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